Our People

Karl Klashinsky

Club President

Karl has been around the club for almost 20 years, but only because he gave up on playing when it was clear he was never going to be selected, so he shifted his focus and attention to volunteer activities. He graduated from U-Vic (B.Sc and M.Sc), and recently retired after working in the tech...
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Dave Hill

Vice President

David is a graduate of the National Coaching Institute BC. He holds a Master of Science from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of PE from the University of Calgary. He brings over 20 years of coaching experience in alpine skiing and rugby, where he...
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Jon Donald

Corporate Secretary

Jon Donald (“JD”) has an affiliation with the Club dating back to the pre-merger Oak Bay Wanderers days when he played with a few of the Carson brothers, Gareth Rees, and many other long-termers, including the still-active Don Swainson. He is also the proud father of a...
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Linda Veitch


Linda is a life-long rugby fan and ACCA-qualified accountant who has recently relocated to Victoria B.C. from London, UK. She holds a B.A. (Hons) in Physical Education from the University of Birmingham, plus an M.A. from the University of Alberta in Edmonton where she lived between...
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Ken Goodland

CW Director of Rugby

Ken started his coaching journey with CW and now, some twenty years later, he is honoured for this opportunity to come "full circle".  Ken notes; "I look forward to supporting all of our players and coaches in pursuit of their goals and dreams and to continue to build the program to be...
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Jessica Nixon

Director - Senior Women's Player Representative

Jess began her rugby career in Manitoba. She has played for multiple clubs across Western Canada and has finally settled in Victoria with the Castaway Wanderers. As a Junior player she participated in the U-19 Rugby Canada development program and has played provincially for Manitoba...
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Brandon Gerhardt

Director - Men's Player Representative & U19 Boys Head Coach

As one of the few Victoria-born members of CW, Brandon began his "career" in the Junior program under the tutelage of a cadre of notable coaches, including Ken Goodland, and Seamus Gay. Graduating to the senior men's side in 2008, Brandon "The Queen" experienced many highs and lows with...
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Byron Mcallister

Director - Junior Boys

In 2020 Byron moves into the role of Junior Boys Co-Ordinator overseeing the development of the U15, U17 & U19 programs. Byron currently has two sons moving through the minis and junior programs. After 7 years of watching from the sidelines, he has decided to get more involved. In his...
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Rob Peel

Director - Junior Girls

Caitlin McNally

Premier Senior Women - Head Coach

We are happy to announce Catie McNally has been appointed Lead Coach of our Senior Women's Program.    

Ed Knaggs

Assistant Coach, Senior Women

Ed Knaggs has had a long association with CW as both a player and now stalwart coach in the mini and girl's program. He further serves as forwards coach for our Premier Women's team.  He was born in Trinidad, grew up in Nova Scotia and made his way out to BC when he graduated from...
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Madee Berry

Assistant Coach Senior Women

Madee, aka Coach Berry, started her coaching career in 2011 as an assistant coach for the Ladysmith High School team during her first stint in BC rugby. Upon her return to Saskatchewan, she took to coaching at her alma mater, Campbell Tartans from 2012-2016. As her coaching skills...
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Christine Shepherd

Manager - Premier Senior Women

Originally from Creston, B.C., Christine grew up playing as many sports as she had time for. Though her enthusiasm sometimes made up for a lack of natural skill, two exceptions were cross country running and curling, and she competed in both at the provincial level before becoming a...
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Kerri Cook

Manager - Div. 1 - Senior Women

Kerri has been a familiar face at CW for a number of years. She has been involved in various roles within the rugby community by managing numerous club teams, managing regional and provincial teams, involved with Jr Tide Rugby and Team Liaison Officer with Rugby Canada for the NZ...
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Ken Goodland

Head Coach - Premier Senior Men

Ken's outstanding playing career, coupled with his technical certification and experience at the National Youth level, make him a most valuable comodity to CW.  His recent appointment to the club's new role of Director of Rugby is worthy credit to his many skills and...
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Doug Hepp

Assistant Coach - Premier Men; Forwards and Set Piece

'Heppy' has been a long-time member of the club, going back to 1995.  He has represented the Prairie Fire and the VIRU Crimson Tide in the days of the BC Super League.  He had a stint in the UK and was a member of the Dorking RFC when that club won a Second Tier Championship. ...
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Aaron Cook

Assistant Coach - Senior Men

Aaron joins us from a land Down Under (NZ), and has true Kiwi rugby credentials.   Aaron began playing rugby at age 4 and played school, club and regional representative rugby in New Zealand.   He is a current player with the Ebb Tide and plays in touch leagues with...
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Brent Johnston

Manager; Senior Men's Teams

250 217 9472

Brent really is the "backbone" of our club in many ways.  He is the main contact person for any inquiries about senior men's rugby or any general inquiries that cannot...
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Bill Hutchinson

Manager; Senior Men's Teams

Bill Hutchinson has quietly slipped under the radar around CW. For many a year, Bill was involved with the Ebb Tide, taking his turn there with the Presidency. Some six years back, Bill was seen on the sidelines and he was soon co-opted into a role! It started with giving senior men’s...
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Rod Fraser

Director - Mini Rugby

Rod grew up in Nanaimo before heading to Europe seeking adventure. He lived, worked and played rugby in France for a number of years before moving to the UK with his now wife, Victoria who is from England. They lived in London for a number of years before moving to Tunbridge Wells in...
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Clayton Daum

Mini Rugby

Clayton Daum has returned to CW Rugby after a short hiatus to focus on his young family to coach with the mini-rugby program and play 3rd Division rugby. A former CW Premier player, he has coached high school rugby for almost 15 years and was involved with several representative age grade...
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David Hume

U9 Minis

  David Hume is co-coach of the U9 girls and boys team. Having learned coaching under the tutelage of the great Tom Brown, David is always inspired helping our club’s youngest players connect with the fun of rugby. David has been a player in clubs in Ontario and New Zealand, and...
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Ian Hickman

U11 Minis

Ian will work with Dave Hill at this age level for the season.  The long and short of this duo is that they offer a balanced approach to ‘rugby instruction’ and ‘rugby play’ which is vital to engaging youth of this age. Hickman’s credentials come...
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Chris May

Girls Program U18 Head Coach

Chris "Mayzer" May has a long history with CW.   Chris's career came to an untimely end when he served as Captain of the original Pacific Pride players under the tutelage of Canadian NSMT's Coach,  Dave Clarke.  This SMU grad was a U23 Canada representative player...
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Jeff Hayes

U16 Girls Head Coach

Jeff “Purple” Hayes got his start playing rugby at Shawnigan Lake School and the Cowichan Rugby Club. After a brief stint at number 8, Jeff was finally elevated to Loose Head Prop where he played until his retirement at age 31. As a junior, Jeff was selected to the U19 Crimson...
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Emily Samek

U14 Girls Head Coach

National Team member entering her 2nd year as coach of our U14 team.  More detailed bio forthcoming.

Renee Cook

U14 Girls Assistant Coach

The newest addition to our coaching staff, Renee is a graduate of our Junior Girls Program. Having represented the club at the junior regional, provincial and national levels, Renee will be playing senior rugby this coming fall. She will be juggling her school, playing and coaching...
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Brandon Gerhardt

U18 Boys Head Coach

Brandon has been with CW for as long as most can remember.  He had a stint on the Priaries where he played Rep rugby and has now returned and settled here with family, work and allegiance to his old club. Whilst in Red Deer he assisted coaching club rugby and is now transferring his...
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Darren Johnson

U18 Boys Assistant Coach

Darren Johnston was introduced to rugby while attending high school in New Zealand in the 1980’s. He played rugby for the Navy and also represented the Forces in soccer and sailing and eventually coached Rugby 7’s and 15’s teams during various overseas...
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Duanne Adsett

U18 Boys Team Manager

Crystal Stove

U18 Boys Team Manager

Alistair Howes

U16 Boys Coach

Despite being a 'rookie' coach, Alistair's degree in Philosophy will stand him in good stead.  Since joining CW this young man's attitude, enthusiasm and work ethic have impressed.  DoR, Ken, will be working to mentor the youth coaches as the club realizes the importance of...
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Dave Hill

U14 Boys Head Coach

Dave has an added role with our club, apart from his Vice Presidency and that is, coaching our U14 Boys.  This group has proven to be something special and Dave has linked Matt to enhance their skill and style. They will take on Capilanos for the unofficial "Provincial Champion" in...
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