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Co-ed Program.  Ian Hickman and David Hill are our coaches for this co-gender age group. The long and short of this duo is that they offer a balanced approach to ‘rugby instruction’ and ‘rugby play’ which is vital to engaging youth of this age. Hickman’s credentials come from growing up as a ‘footy mad’ young man in New with twenty seasons of rugby as a player.  He first came to Canada in 2007 and was involved in playing and coaching  at the UBCOB club in Vancouver.  He is now in his fourth year at the club having previously coached the U6/8 team at CW.  Ian believes that Rugby is an important part of a balanced childhood. An active coach who takes pride in instilling the basics  of Rugby to the younger generation, himself having two kids currently involved with CW programme.  Dave is one of the most highly accredited coaches in Canada, having coached at senior club and rep levels and been part of the National Coaching Curriculum group. CW is grateful to have the expertise these two coaches bring to our programs at this vital stage in a child’s development.