Castaway Wanderers Rugby Football Club – Refund Policy

Policy Statement

Castaway Wanderers Rugby Football Club (CWRFC) operates programs for over 400 members on an annual basis with significant revenue generated by Club fees. CWRFC recognizes that some circumstances will arise where refunds may be warranted. This policy outlines the procedures for refunding CWRFC fees. 


Fees are collected and adjusted on an annual basis. All players, coaches and managers must be members of CWRFC and pay Club fees. Other required Association refund policies can be viewed through these links:

a.      Rugby Canada Registration Refund Policy; (Click on By Laws and Policies, scroll to registration Refund Policy) and

b.      BC Rugby Refund Policy.

Fees are paid through Rugby Canada’s registration system (SportLoMo) and include Rugby Canada fees, BC Rugby fees and SportLoMo’s processing fee. CWRFC fees make up the remaining cost of the total registration fees.

Refund Policy

1.    Full refund of fees can be made through Rugby Canada’s registration system if registration is cancelled within 15 days of the registration date. (Please note: this policy is subject to change at the discretion of Rugby Canada – refer to the Rugby Canada link provided above for real time confirmation of their policy). To request a full refund members must login to the registration system (SportLoMo) to terminate their membership. The refund will be placed on the credit card that was used to pay the registration fees.

2.      After 15 days from your registration date, Rugby Canada and BC Rugby fees may not be refundable. Refer to the links provided above for details on each association’s refund policies. Please note: CWRFC has no jurisdiction over refunds for the aforementioned association fees.

3.      Consideration for CWRFC fees being refunded will be based on:

a.      Level of programming (Mini, Junior, Senior).

b.      Start date of the program and the time that has transpired since the program start date.  If an individual registers after the start of the program then refunds will be calculated from the date of registration.

c.       Exceptional circumstances (e.g. injury, hardship or relocation).

4.      If a CWRFC fee refund is granted it will be based on the following table 

CW Refund Policy

5.      Refund requests for CWRFC fees that are beyond the 15 day period from registration date shall be made manually through the application process in SportLoMo.

6.      The Registrar, in consultation with the Director of the program (e.g. Mini Director), will determine if a refund is to be granted. If a refund is approved it will be manually refunded through SportLoMo and will appear on the credit card initially used to pay for registration.

7.      A member may make application in writing to the CWRFC Executive to be refunded CWRFC fees due to exceptional circumstances (refer to paragraph 3b above). If a refund is granted the amount to be refunded will be determined by the CWRFC Executive.