Castaway Wanderers Boys U-15



CW has run a boys' Under 14 program for some fifteen years. Three seasons back, the age grade changed to U15.  The team has experienced many successes during this period.  In recent years, the following results have been achieved; 2010 - VIRU and B.C. Champs; 2012/13/14 - VIRU Champs (a B.C. title has not been contested for the past five years).  The team has hosted overseas school and club teams and played regular "interlock" exhibition games against Vancouver clubs.  Many of the boys are "graduates" from the CW Mini Rugby program however any new players are VERY welcome. The excellent coaching staff will make beginners and experienced players feel very welcome and pay special attention to skill development so that any "catch up" necessary will occur.


The team has a new Head Coach this season, Morgan Tate. Morgan brings a great deal of experience as a player who has come through the "CW system" and the University of Victoria program where he was a member of a National University Championship team. He now tries his hand at coaching. Aiming to keep the ‘fun’ in fundamentals, boys will be challenged to master passing and catching skills while growing their ‘rugby IQ’ to allow them to play purposely during games. Tackling technique: how to tackle and how to be tackled are stressed to enhance safe and enjoyable experiences on the field. Positional play is prioritized as the games begin to be played on the full field with the full compliment of players. This emphasis on safety and sequential skill development will be paramount. Morgan will endeavour to provide individual coaching within the team environment to support deeper learning of skill or position.

DOB for U15 - 2007, 2008.