Participation Code


Rugby is one of Canada’s oldest sports and those who have participated in it over the years have built its reputation for fierce but fair competition and good sportsmanship. The discipline and teamwork required in order to excel at this sport promote the values that are traditional to Rugby Football and to CW Rugby and are values for life in general – excellence, fairness, integrity, mutual respect and responsibility. Players, staff and volunteers  representing CW Rugby must continue to uphold these values, be exemplary role models for others in our sport and do nothing on or off the field that would bring our sport or our Club into disrepute.


CW Rugby Club Participants must:

  • remember that when engaging in Club activity you are representing CW and the Sport of Rugby in general

  • remember there is no room for racism or discrimination at CW

  • recognize that in victory and defeat you demonstrate mutual respect for all participants while refraining from public criticism of CW. Acting responsibly in all things CW will earn respect within the Club as well as throughout our Community;

  • be respectful of organizers/officials and their decisions while using an internal process should there be disagreement or where you feel you have criticism to voice. This means refraining from public criticism prior to accessing the internal Club process;

  • avoid any action or conduct that would disrupt or interfere with a competition or the preparation for a competition

  • attend and be on time for all trainings/meetings with mobile phones, I pods et al turned off for the duration. When asked, do your utmost to become involved with CW volunteer activities which include anything from game day work tasks to local community events

  • be mindful, when competing away from your home field, of your status as a guest and be respectful of the host Club traditions, attend all post game functions and express gratitude to organizers and others who have shown hospitality

  • wear the Club uniform and other official clothing when directed. Special ordering by teams/players of additional CW identified kit independent of CW Board or altering any issued kit is not permitted without prior consent from the Board

  • be reasonable and responsible with the consumption of alcoholic beverages in social situations. Note that alcohol consumption is not to occur while on a BC Ferry;

  • recognize that players have a moral obligation to compete in an environment where banned/illegal drugs and supplements are not taken to improve performance. There will be no possession or use of substances that contravene the law or rules of the International Rugby Board (IRB), the rules of the International Federation, and the Canadian Policy on Doping in Sport; the laws of Canada;

  • behave in a manner consistent with the terms of this Code while traveling as part of a CW Team. This Code is in effect from the point of departure until you return to your home

  • encourage adherence to this code by other CW participants.


Whether it is traditional media or all forms of social media (blogs, twitter, face book et al) the same approach applies to messaging and communication. Remember that with all forms of media you are representing CW Rugby. Use common sense and sound judgment throughout all forms of media knowing that you are responsible and accountable. Respect for self, teammates and program being of paramount importance; make all reasonable efforts to refrain from comments that could be reasonably expected to have a detrimental effect on Team morale or Club image. Remember:

  • If approached by media, and you feel comfortable, do respond….. could say ‘’Thank you for the interest in our team, if you could first speak to our Manager it would be appreciated’’. Remember it is always fine to refer the person to the Team Manager and for you to politely not respond.

  • Adhere to the points in this code as a guide and when in doubt issue no comment or refrain from posting. Seek guidance from the Team Manager

  • Before participating in media, especially social media, remember that anything posted (text and pictures) is available to anyone in the world and does trace back directly to you. All comments such as blogs or tweets must identify your name, cannot be anonymous, otherwise do not post

  • Sharing photos or posting photos must be done with great care and attention, if done at all. If in doubt ask for some advice or simply do not post. Many teams and players have run into serious difficulty.


Concerns, complaints and discipline

Concerns or complaints are often best addressed quickly between the persons directly involved. When this approach is not successful/appropriate then the Team Manager and/or Team Captain are available options for discussion as well as management toward a resolution.

Review of and response to individual action compromising the day to day running of the program or violating the intent of this code will be coordinated with involvement of the Team Captain, the Team Manager and Coach. However, potentially serious breaches will be addressed directly by the Team Manager and Coach. This may include involvement of the CW President and/or Executive.





I am never satisfied with giving less than 100% effort. I have set goals for myself and I am willing to put forth whatever effort is necessary to accomplish them.

I personally pledge to call out racism and discrimination in any form when I see it and stand up for those who can’t for themselves. I further pledge to say less and listen more to other voices moving forward with an aim to learn and grow personally.

Taking pride in what I do demands that I will always give my best effort, no matter how bad the situation…. no matter how successful I and the Club become.

I am not a quitter. I am not content with just holding steady.

My future as a member of CW Rugby is up to me. What I accomplish and what challenges remain are in my own hands.

I readily accept that my Club mates, my Club and its supporters count on my best effort at all times.