Co-ed Program.  CW is fortunate to have David Hume and Jonny Inoke leading this program, which continues the focus on fundamental passing, catching, evasive running and movement skills. Both leaders place a healthy premium on ‘effort’, regardless of ability as the lessons of doing your best and appreciating the best in others in your team are reinforced through more games playing at practice and in competition with other clubs. Having learned coaching under the tutelage of the great Tom Brown, David is always inspired helping our club’s youngest players connect with the fun of rugby. David has been a player in clubs in Ontario and New Zealand, and continues to play with CW’s senior men’s third team.


The program runs during the Fall and post Christmas months until March each year. The U9's practise and play for one hour on Sunday mornings beginning at 10:00 a.m. The venue is Windsor Park. Skills are taught in accordance with ability and sequentially to give the players confidence and enjoyment playing rugby.  Safety is strictly adhered to in modified games formats.  B.C. Youth Rugby Guidelines set the parameters for the program however, a wide variety of activities are offered to ensure interest and fun.


Registration details for the 2019/20 season can be accessed HERE

Mini Rugby U9