What is Safe Sport?

Castaway Wanderers Rugby club creates and maintains Safe sport by providing an inclusive culture where all people, players, coaches, administrators, officials, and spectators feel protected within rugby. A safe sport environment helps players push their limits and try new things, and includes:

·        Injury prevention

·        Concussion protocols

·        Recognizing and eliminating all forms of maltreatment

·        Planning and implementing safe rugby practices

·        Responsible coaching

·        Fair play

·        Reporting and responding to breaches in sport safety

Ultimately, all members of the club will excel and succeed in their goals when a culture of safe sport is ensured.

Community Activation Grant.

In 2021 CW received a SIRC community activation grant to assist in implementing and creating awareness of safe sport in the club.  As part of this grant, CW strives to create awareness of SIRC resources for its member who are encouraged to visit the links below. 

Please read the SIRCUIT national newsletter featuring CW rugby’s efforts to make rugby safe, (n.b. Spotlight #5.)

Responsible Coaching

CW rugby club has taken the Coaching Association’s of Canada Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge. Responsible coaching ensures that club implements for coaches and club leaders:

1. Background screening

2. Rule of Two

3. Ethics and safe sport training


For further references;

Concussion Protocols

CW Rugby takes concussion seriously and strives to ensure concussion protocols are adhered to by all players and coaches. All coaches must take World Rugby player welfare online concussion module. The club would like to ensure that everyone uphold the 3 T’s to tackle concussion

Telling – Aimed at telling club members about the importance of concussion awareness and prevention.

Teaching – Aimed at teaching technique in order to prevent head trauma in rugby.

Tracking - We intend to track players who have had concussion and monitor return to play protocols.

For more resources on concussion awareness please visit the SIRC website.



Code of Conduct.

CW rugby follows both the BC Rugby and Rugby Canada Code of Conduct as part of our registration. We have recently updated our Code of Conduct which applies to ALL members of the club, as well as spectators and parents.