CW Board of Directors


Board of DirectorsClub President - David 'Bing' Crossley

"Bing" is a well-known former player, having worn the colors of UVic, Oak Bay Wanderers and VIRU Crimson Tide. He has been a leader in female development at CW and in the local region and high school system. As the principal driver for a female pathway development in the region, he has driven a vision of development that has attracted players from the mini to senior level and grown the program to become a major component of the Club.

Dave brings some eleven years of active involvement with organisational functions within the Club and he has served on the Board for nine years.

He is active with refereeing on the Island, especially promoting youth refereeing. In addition, David's expertise with IT has been of massive benefit with the CW website.

Dave is also a “do-er” and his word is his work. He has learned the ropes and we look forward to his leadership.

When he is not involved with rugby on the weekend, he enjoys traveling, tennis, back country pursuits (hiking, skiing) and volunteering in his community. To fund these interests, David works as an independent technology consultant specializing in Enterprise Architecture, solution design and implementation.

Board of DirectorsVice President/Registrar - Brian Huse

Brian became involved with CW in 2011 when his daughter Chloe joined the Junior Program.  Chloe has since gone on to play for not only CW, but regional and BC teams.  In addition to being a member of the CW executive committee, Brian contributes to CW by managing both the U16 and U19 girls Jr. Teams.

He is well known to his Executive colleagues as our Girls Youth Program Director for the past four years.   He has been our 'manager extraordinaire' who has kept our girl’s youth program organized and growing.  His daughter, Chloe, has now graduated from our CW girl’s youth program to UVIC and Brian has stepped up to our VP role along with registrar duties.   We are very pleased to have Brian in this role and look forward to his continued enthusiasm and passion that he brings to the Club.

Brian comes from a sailboat racing background and has participated competitively in some amazing events in fantastic locations.  Since retiring from a life of professional sailing, Brian works locally for Fraser Yacht Sales as a Yacht Broker.  When not on the side of a rugby pitch he can often be found sailing in the gulf islands with his wife Tish Hill.


Treasurer - Jason Lewis

Originally from Toronto, Jason played rugby across Eastern Canada in his younger days, and then for a stint in Australia and New Zealand.  His home clubs include the Toronto Scottish RFC and the 'world-famous' Gentlemen's Inter-Toronto Select (GITS) RFC. Fortunately for CW he was guided to our Club and has served on the Executive for some three seasons.

We are very pleased to have Jason back on the Board for this upcoming season. He has led a number of initiatives in the financial side of the club over the past few years and has been invaluable in creating efficiencies in managing the ‘transactional’ aspects of the club.  He will be leading a number of initiatives this season as we move much of our financial processing in the digital age.

Having spent more time in rehab than training, Jason decided to retire his boots in 2018 (Queeny says his brother has them).  Jason is now pursuing less concussive activities like rowing, running, cycling and spectating.  Helping to secure CW's legacy is Jason's way of emulating those who gave him support and a chance to grow through rugby over the years.

Corporate Secretary - Jon Donald

Jon Donald (“JD”) has an affiliation with the Club dating back to the pre-merger Oak Bay Wanderers days when he played with a few of the Carson brothers, Gareth Rees, and many other long-termers, including the still-active, Don Swainson. He is also the proud father of a former women’s prems player, Olivia Donald.

Jon is in his third year as the Club’s Corporate Secretary, a position he believes he was offered because he “writes English real good”!  He has been a steadying and innovative influence on the Executive with his consulting background.  A former Wanderers/CW player that saw the transition to the merged clubs in the early nineties, Jon is well versed in the history and culture of the Club and we are very pleased to have back on Board for this season.


Board of Directors - Ken Goodland

Ken started his coaching journey with CW and now, some twenty years later, he is honoured for this opportunity to come "full circle".  Ken notes; "I look forward to supporting all of our players and coaches in pursuit of their goals and dreams and to continue building the program to be the best it can be."  Ken will oversee and be responsible for all club rugby programs, a new position and he will need to have a reciprocal relationship from our many programs.  His DoR role will be in conjunction with his role as Head Coach of our Men's program.  Ken has managed to see his way clear to give total devotion and attention to these tasks.  We are very pleased to welcome Ken in this very new roloe and wish him every success.


Board of DirectorsDirector Senior Men’s Team Representative - Brandon Gerhardt

As one of the few Victoria-born members of CW, Brandon began his "career" in the Junior program under the tutelage of Roger Robinson, Ken Goodland, and Seamus Gay.   Graduating to the senior men's side in 2008, Brandon "The Queen" experienced many highs and lows with the club, as well as personal achievements, and failures to match.  With large boots to fill courtesy of Riley Ilnicki's long time at this station, Brandon's primary goal will be to build upon the framework established for keeping the club connected off the field, and competitive on the field.

Board of DirectorsDirector Senior Women’s Team Representative - Jesse Nixon

Jess began her rugby career in Manitoba. She has played for multiple clubs across Western Canada and has finally settled in Victoria with the Castaway Wanderers. As a Junior player she participated in the U-19 Rugby Canada development program and has played provincially for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Jessica has her Red Seal Journeyman certificate in carpentry. She balances a busy schedule with her wife, taking care of their son and running a small business.


Board of DirectorsDirector at Large - Boy's Youth Rugby - Byron Mcallister

Byron has moved into the role of Junior Boys Co-Ordinator overseeing the development of the U15, U17 & U19 programs. With two sons in the CW program, Byron brings a personal interest and passion for the continued growth of the boy’s junior program.  He took over during summer and jumped in with both feet, leading the Return to Play protocols for the boy's program which included his company’s donation of necessary PPE and sanitizer ! 


Board of DirectorsDirector at Large – Girl’s Youth Rugby – Olly Winser

Olly Winser, native of Montreal, came to our club as a senior men’s player while attending UVIC, studying Education for five years.  He stepped up as a coach in the girls youth program and he has coached all of our age grade levels in the girl’s youth program over his last five years. In addition, he has coached at regional and provincial youth levels and is currently working on a Masters Degree in Coaching at UVIC.  Olly also has had a wide experience of teachng in Victoria schools. CW is very lucky to have his continued involvement and we look forward to his leadership with coaching innovation and insights.  

Director at Large -  Director of Mini Rugby - Dave Hill



Matt served four terms as CW President.  He guided the club with enthusiasm, patience and expertise through various swampy times.  During Matt's tenure we saw tremendous growth of our women's program and although he enjoyed very much, the play of our senior teams, he never lost sight of the importance of the development of Minis and Youth.  'The Chaplain', forever young at heart, never missed an opportunity to don the cleats with The Islanders, always with a tremendous sense of humour.  Well done and thanks, Matt.  Matt continues his involvement with rugby, moving on to a capacity with the Board of the BCRU.


The Executive meets monthly, either at a Director's or full Board level.  We are always open to ideas, not just ideas but some volunteer time to back them up.  CW is a members' club,  from  eights to eighties.