Monday's Musings

Monday's Musings


Canada Men's U20 team took on their USA counterparts on Saturday at Shawnigan Lake School and came away on the losing end, 33 - 18. This writer's beef is the fact that Rugby Canada posted absolutely nothing about the match until late Friday.  In fact, details of the series came my way via a friend of a friend! It is no wonder that the game continues to struggle with exposure when the governing body fails to toot the horn, let alone provide news for local media. The match evidently saw the home team lead at the half and take that 18 - 7 scoreline to the last quarter of the match when it all went horribly astray, and the US scored a point-a-minute for a 26 - 0 finish.  Disappointing to say the least although new coach, Esterhuizen, did not seem to think so, commenting; "Tactically, we stuck to a plan." Not much of a plan that sees a fifteen point differential, all in the late going. Enough said.  CW had two lads involved in this encounter with Spencer Cotie starting on the wing and Noah Kynaston off the bench. The teams go at again at Starlight Arena on Thursday at 7:00 p.m., admission by donation, maybe it may be more significant to pay on the way out rather than the way in! (Comments, solely those of the blogger.)



Our article about Jace Peters and his new club last week inspires a couple of photos pinched from their website. Readers could reference these photos to the fact that this "town" has a registered population of 12,600.  Their facility should inspire what can be done. 1. Aerial of the facilty 2. Clubhouse interior 3. Player's weightroom.

ANOTHER "Further too...."

The late Jimmy Aitken was mentioned in dispatches last week. A delightful photo from the lens of Ron Willems was shared.  Today we bring readers a couple of others to show Jimmy was always on his game. 1.  With Melrose's, Graeme Dodds 2. Waltzing Matilda with the late Tom Browne, Oliver and Gallagher, taking a shot at the Ruggernut in 2006 3. With Tony La Carte and Captain Matt Weingart.


Canada Men went winless at Madrid Sevens and now find themselves in the Relegation Pool next season (whatever that might look like).  This is a bitter blow to the program. From the outside it appears that all is not according to Hoyle with this group. The Women, after two stunning surprises on Saturday, failed to reproduce their brilliance and baggled to finish fourth, still a creditable outing with the wins over New Zealand and Great Britain.


Hats off to the club's Mini program, on the road this weekend. It was games against Mulgrave yesterday with an overnight campout at their outdoor facility and a Carnival at Caps this morning. Go, you good things!