Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

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Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

(Credit Victoria News)


CW sends its deepest condolences today to Cindy, Matt, and Mike on the recent passing of the family patriarch, Joe.  Joe was a quietly passionate Samoan man, who was also beloved amongst Victoria’s core of Pacific Islanders.  He never missed supporting his Manu Samoan roots whenever the country played rugby anywhere in the world.  These roots were deep, for Joe wore the jersey as a young man, playing in the centers.  He and Cindy met doing missionary work and he left the land of his birth for Canada where they married and were blessed with becoming the proud parents of Matt and Mike.  In his early days in Victoria, he managed Pizza Hut and later moved on to finish his working career as a Commissionaire.

Joe had much pride in his roots, his Morman church, his friends, but probably foremost, his family who experienced his roots in the land of his birth on many visits.  His two grandsons, Kalao and Oden were the apples of his eye, along with the achievements of his boys and he took joy in their friends and teammates and despite his passion for his homeland he was a proud Canadian and Canada was #1.  It must have been a very tough decision for him at the Vancouver Sevens in 2019 when Mikey suited up against Samoa.  Mike was heard to say that “he probably wore a Samoan hoodie over a Canadian jersey!”

One of Joe’s favorite pastimes was his love of music.  He enjoyed singing, had a fine voice and played a wicked ukelele and was always ready to jam or perform gigs with his fellow Tradewinds, bringing sounds of the South Pacific to Canada.  Big Joe’s latter years of health were not kind to him, but as with his life, he was positive and hopeful for better days.  He will be sorely missed, leaving a hole amongst his mates as they quietly support CW from their favorite bench.  Joe’s legacy and principles will be carried on via Matt and Mike.  RIP, good man, you will be deeply missed by many.


(Photo credits - the late Ron Willems.)
(Content credit - Janet Molia.)