Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

Wednesday's Ruck & Maul


                                                  Chips Down!

UBC and CW men will replay this Saturday in a game which is for all the marbles.  The outcome will see a “go on, or golf!  Last week, UBC, led by Takoda McMullin, blasted out of the blocks and certainly appeared to have caught CW unawares.  The fray was bookended by McMullin, scoring the first try himself and setting up the clincher with a nifty chip and chase.  No doubt, CW has plans for closer checking of this man this week.  Having opined all this, all eyes on Takoda may not be sufficient, for UBC has some explosive “other customers” in their backline.


In a game which saw glimpses of CW forward dominance, it was not sufficient and UBC scragged sufficient possession to do the deed.  In this pundit’s opinion, the final say will depend on which team has done their homework best and which group has the greater motivation often going to the older team where arguably, it is greater.  One other aspect will be the use of the bench, solely a coaching decision.  When does one stay with a combination, and when does one call on “fresh legs”, and whom does one call on?  No matter the result last week, I lean towards the hosts.  With a couple of backline changes and the passion of former UBC captain, Jacob Bossi, my gut tells me the hometown fans will witness a far different performance, sufficient to nudge ahead in a tightly contested outcome. 


Whilst the men face this ‘life or death’ struggle, the Premier women will be in Seattle, seeking to avenge a Fall loss to the ‘blue and grey’.  The women will be close to full strength for this final League game of the season where, akin to the men, the outcome is critical but not fatal.  The squad is showing increments of improvement each week.  We wish them well.