Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

Wednesday's Ruck & Maul



This coming Saturday will be the highlight of the year for home games. Come early and enjoy the forecast of a sunny day. Our Premier women will be mine host as they continue to build their Tour Fund, serving both beer & burgers. The Women’s Divvies and all three Men’s teams will be on the docket. 

The day will kick off at 11:15 a.m., when the Women’s Divvies take on Capilano.  All aspects of our women’s program have improved this season.  It has also developed an incredible depth.  Try to make this one as this team seldom has “home” support. The Don’s Islanders take to the pitch against Comox after this one, at noon. These two clubs play each other often and it is always very competitive on the field, with the real spirit of the game coming through after eighty. These matches will take place on Field #2. The Tricolor is so grateful and appreciative of having two pitches available to play more games. Action will then switch to the main pitch, where the League-leading UBCOB Rippers take on the home side. This group of current players will be buoyed by last week’s win and not afeared of the Birds. We can look forward to a competitive match.

Then the Main Game. These two sides have had a triplet of point fests over the past two seasons. Last time up, the Ravens won at Jericho, 66 – 32. In ’22, the Raven won at Windsor on the last play of the game. 38 – 31, to earn home field playoff advantage. CW returned the favor at Jericho, 33 – 32 on a last gasp try from Fuialefau, to go on to the BC Final and face a strong UBC side. What will Saturday bring? Well, Carsons, for sure! Of late, James & Donald have paired in the Ravens second row and Frank has come off the pines. Ravens have an alert and dangerous combination of halves, with McLelland outstanding.  Harjun Gill, in the centers is always a dangerous threat and the loosies are good foragers and attackers.  For the nonce, we’ll leave the home team. Suffice it to say, there are plenty putting up their hands.

                       (Apologies for today's poor photo resolution - after effects of blogger's vertigo!)

                                                                     GROUNDS GUYS

Today we give a shout out to the crew who thanklessly ready the scene for all our home games. These guys are all Unsung Heros, and some have been given individual past credit, just use our site’s Search icon to recall the skinny on Paul, and Gord. Field Liner & Program Coordinator – Paul (‘Shep’) Shepherd;  Head Keeper-of-the-Gates – Peter (‘Jetter’)  Kilshaw; John Morley – for years, the Head of Fencing Erection (no longer required, with the advent of two fields), and who has now matured  to a seated position, asking for donations at the Currie Road entrance; Chris Spicer – Head Banner Erector and gate collector for those who seek to avoid donating, ably supported by Mike (‘Bogey’) Stewart, ‘Rookie’ Joe Sheldrake, assorted alickadoos, Dave (‘Bing’) Crossley and Newcomer, Andy Jackson. Thanks, guys. Let’s hope we have a Banner Day on Saturday, especially since the sparsity of home games this year has not provided the accustomed revenue.

The site will have a rare, midweek post tomorrow.  BOOK IT as it promises to be most interesting.