Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

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Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

CW Women Show the Way

This past weekend, CW women created club history when they entered in the Abby Sevens, not only playing but taking top honors with convincing wins over Burnaby, Meralomas and Bobcats, a Velox amalgam, in the 1st/2nd place match!  Wow! Heady stuff!  Following this triumph, the club announced on Monday that it will enter a senior women’s team in V.I.R.U. competition this coming season.  This is an exciting step in revitalizing CW rugby, after a very low ebb with senior men last season.  The ladies will be entering a number of summer sevens events and welcome all interested players.  Contact; [email protected]


Jess Dovanne - Head Coach

Jess hails from Maple Ridge where as a provincial trampoline and tumbling competitor, discovered rugby at her high school – Thomas Haney Secondary.   From that day forward, she was hooked on the game and has gone on to represent her country at both the Sevens and Fifteens format.  

Jess started her senior rugby playing career at Burnaby Lake RFC and continued her career on the Island where she played for the University of Victoria and Velox clubs respectively.   She was one of the original NSW Sevens centralized athletes in 2008 and has represented her country many times in both Sevens and Fifteens. She was part of the ground-breaking NSW Fifteens 2nd place finish in the RWC last year and was a mainstay on the NSW Sevens team until just last year.  Her best rugby memory is scoring her first try in the Women’s Sevens circuit in Houston.

She is both a certified referee and NCCP level 1 coach and has coached at senior club and youth levels.  She is also experienced in fitness testing and elite development and has supported the Try 4 Gold program across Canada. Jess is currently a product manager at Lululemon Athletica.



Julian Carnet - Assistant Coach
Julien is our “import” assistant coach from the fair city of Agen, France (yes the same city where Taylor Paris plays!) Julien started his playing career at the tender age of six years old in Valence d’Agen. From there, he worked his way up the pathway to eventually play for Agen (at 16 years old) in their junior development program. He returned to his original club (Valence d’Agen) at the age of 21 to compete in the French 3rd division championship league.  Julien’s best memory is winning the French University championships with his University in Agen.

Julien has extensive coaching experience, especially with female athletes. He has coached two high school girl’s teams in Quebec to provincial championships. In addition, he was an assistant coach with the Quebec City team senior women’s team and has been mentored by Canada’s successful NSW Fifteens coach, Francois Ratier, who took the NSW Fifteens team to its 2nd place finish in the RWC 2014.

He has been in Victoria for the last few years and continues to play some club rugby with CW.  His partner, Karen Paquin, is one of the standout players on the NSW Sevens team and the Women’s Sevens series. Julien works for Ed Knaggs at Home Energy Solutions.
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Road to Rio
Canada NSMT’s Sevens would not have been happy with the outcome of last weekend’s NACRA Rio Qualifying Tournament. The men lost the final 5 – 21 to a very polished U.S. team. A couple of missed tackles, superior U.S. pace enabling some good cover-defence, an “all-world” scissors dummy from Niua, a few calls that raised Canadian eyebrows (none the less, the U.S. was served two yellow cards) and pace of Baker, Test and Isles proved to be all too much for the Canucks. Simply put, the Eagles were by far the better side.  For our boys to get to the Olympics, they will need to win a “repecharge tournament”, details tba.  Bad luck but five (?)  U.S. wins to Canada’s one over the past (6?) games is pretty convincing.



Shawnigan Summer Rugby Camp

Shawnigan Lake School will host their Annual Rugby Academy, July 5th - July 10th, 2015.

This camp provides a unique opportunity for girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 17. The coaching staff will be led in 2015 by Canadian U18 coach Jim Delaney, and will feature former and current men’s and women’s international players.  These players will also live and sleep in the residences, which will allows the camp participants to rub shoulders with international athletes during their ‘down time’ away from the rugby field.

Please contact; [email protected] for more information and to register.               

For further details visit;