Canada's Campaign

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Canada's Campaign

Just about sevens'ed out after watching some great stuff downstreamed.......much improved, almost high def.  Main observation, men-in-the-middle still give higher ranked teams the benefit of the doubt at the breakdown.  Canada faced tough opposition and lost both their openers, to N.Z. and England.  The good teams just kill any mistakes and their counter attack lines and support are almost unstoppable.  Game #1 vs N.Z., Underwood, on debut, scored the lone try, 5 - 26.  Game #2 The Maple Leaf had it close at 7 - 12 but  England crucified errors and ran away at 27 - 7.  Game #3 and coach Middleton commented; "vs PNG we showed what we can do"; Ed - mmm, opposition that was slighly different and Canada chalked up the highest point differential of the three teams in a seven try, 41 - 0 win. Sevens is always memorable and the big upset came when France defeated ladder-leading, Blitzbokkies, almost one-sidedly in the opening match, enabling the top their pool.  With Olympic qualifying up for grabs, it is apparent that the U.S. has found a few more thoroughbreds and maxed their time at Chula Vista Training Center.  Canada play today at 4:03 p.m., (we usually screw up the time but think we've nailed this one!), Vs Portugal.  If Trainor, Moonlight, Fuli and Duke can pick up where they left off, today's efforts will salvage results in the "second tier".  Check it out at;


Anton gets the goods. Last week we mentioned that CW's U18 player, Anton Ngnon was the recipient of the first "Step Ahead" scholarship provided by Touch Lounge.  Anton received his first cheque at last week's game.  Here he is with Club Pres, Don Swainson - a happy recipient.  'onya, Anton!

This Saturday, CW travels to Vancouver to take on Caps.  The Premier side will feature the same pack that played against Seattle but there are some changes in the backs. The halves remain the same and should match up fairly even with the Cap combo, the centers sees the return of Welshy and Frisby slots into fullback.  The game will see both teams set solid platforms for whatever the three-quarters can perform.  It should be a good one.  Best of luck, Ceedub.
LATE-BREAKING - All games in Vancouver postponed.