Monday's Musings

Monday's Musings

Castaway Wanderers Youth Rugby Tour

London, England, March 2025


CWRFC is excited to announce that the club’s Juniors will be touring London next March, targeting the U16 age group for both boys and girls teams.  While CW has completed tours in the past, this tour will forge the way for U16 tours into the future!  A tour every two years means that every junior can have the opportunity to tour during their junior rugby. 

The timing of the tour presents some exciting rugby experiences as we will be able to see the last Six Nations men’s game (Cardiff) and one of the women’s Six Nations the following weekend.  We are going to play three games and are working through our club connections to set up fixtures around the London area.  Along with taking in the many attractions around London, this tour will create long lasting memories for our youth players.

Castaway Wanderers Rugby Club has a rich tradition of rugby history in the city of Victoria.  Our youth programs provide opportunities for more than 200 players from 6 to 19 years of age to enjoy rugby.  We are excited to launch our 2025 tour to London, England for the under 16 girls and boys’ team, and aim to continue this every two years!

Our ambition is to have a touring party of up to 50 players plus 12 support staff.  To date, we are halfway towards these numbers and expect many more players to sign up over the next few months. As with many tours, the financial obligations are immense, and we are actively fundraising to help to offset tour costs.