Monday's Musings

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Watched Saturday’s game with an old friend, former Athletic Director, and member of UVic’s, Walk of Fame (Rugby), and former Oak Bay Wanderer teammate, Mike Elcock. The reminiscing made up for the inclement weather.  The unbridled joy from the Vikings players and bench, when referee, Lemkus finally blew full time was also reminiscent of times when coaching the Vikings, we managed a victory over any of the local club powerhouses, particularly James Bay. Another reflection occurred throughout, when watching Gus Boyd Porter pull the tactical strings which won the match for the Vikes.  When he wore the Tricolors, Angus often got up to some of the tricks he performed on this day, but I cannot recall him performing as many, as well!  Gus was BIG MAN ON CAMPUS with an exhibition of kicking from hand and the tee that was pure clinic – grubbers, chips, diagonals and sixteen points from the tee, add to that a creative tally that opened the Vikes account for a total of nineteen of the 34 points scored. The Vikes had a good tactical plan and a philosophy of “bend but don’t break” and that was all she wrote.  Perhaps one could add qualities of character, patience, and courage to the recipe.  It was no wonder that one spotted a smirk from coaches Manning, Dobravsky, Bos, Muldrew and Winser at game’s end!


The weather was torrid and made note-taking impossible, so the opinions are purely reflections with apologies for any inaccuracies. Although CW opened the scoring from Peters around ten minutes, UVic managed all the ensuing leads after they tied matters at 7, after a very alert tap penalty and a couple of recycles, about eight minutes after.  A couple of reflections I did scratch, CW penalized at the first set, UVic good lineouts, which seemed to last all afternoon and CW’s, Davidson, and Wallace prominent.  Porter alertly saw the space for a grubber and scored himself, for the lead, 14 – 7 at the midway mark.  Finnie replied for CW after a scrum drive.  Gus B-P then performed an almost magical diagonal to his winger who fed inside to an alert fullback to regain the lead.  Fuli tied the score at the half with a bullocking run, dragging defenders with him.


CW started the second stanza in lively fashion with several bursts, only to be spoiled by penalties, and fair game to Lemkus, he was right on – a man who knows most of the skullduggery that goes on.  CW splintered the Vikes scrum early only for a goal line drop to result and this observer is not too sure as to what was ruled.  It was not until early in the second half when CW’s Jordan Ng, a prominent try-scorer, finally got his hands on the ball, chagrined to say.  CW bursts from Peters, Fuli, and Davidson to no avail when Gus B-P cleared for 65 m and CW was thrown to touch.  A further penalty put the next defensive lineout around five metres.  Two good pick and drives saw the Uvic hooker over at the midway mark and 28 – 21 lead.  CW did stiffen and it was Bossi who crossed to tie matters.  Wallace stole the ball and looked good for the cause however a penalty was the result.  It became frantic stuff from both sides but the “not break” philosophy carried the day and Boyd Porter notched two penalties to do the trick.  Despite five minutes of time after the official and a potential, CW go-ahead, it was not to be on this day. Apologies for errors but these were my chicken-scratch notes!

Noticed on the day – as mentioned, no one touched Boyd Porter. To UVic FRF despite almost annihilation, they hung in, a few penalties and shunted a CW scrum in the second half, Kokan and Kim being good value.  Gamage gave sharp service for Gus to use and CW Jr, Josh McIndoe and fullback Di Nado, brother of former CW #9, Riley were solid in the backs.  The Viking tackling was stellar on the day.  For CW in the pack, Wallace, Davidson, Bossi and Pyke got through heaps.  Fuli’s debit at #10 was of interest and one lets the mind wander with a Fuli to Nott possibility.  There is yet another week off before the Burnaby Juggernaut comes to The House.

Missed the Divvies, although I note Johno was cock-o’-the-hoop with the outcome, a late try to Norse for 24 – 10 win.

                                                                       Photo credit – Occi Aumont

Missed the Divvies due to observing Premier women.  UBC scored from an alert tap penalty around ten minutes.  Must say I was impressed with the CW tackling and although, not quite matching the UBC size and scrummaging, the set piece was far better than I had heard and expected.  CW returned the favor from some good continuity and 5/6 recycles, with #8 crashing over and a 7 – 5 scoreline.  Next came a very arguable decision for a UBC penalty try for a ‘cynical’ knock on from an attempted interception.  Players know that this is usually an “automatic”, however sometimes there is “give” if the try was not definitely “on” and a yellow card is the outcome. UBC continued the momentum when a very good #9 went blind side, drew the defense, and sent her winger over for a 21 – 5 lead.  From what I saw of #9, I would suggest she was W-o-M even at this stage. CW was not daunted and Maelle Reed went some forty metres, jinking and weaving for a 21 – 10 half time score.  Subsequently heard the final score was 26 – 10.  This fan would suggest that it was something to be proud of with further potential improvement on the books.


A CW shout-out to the day’s three match officials and the AR’s on what was a rather miserable day, weather-wise.  Happy Easter to all the club’s followers and players.