Monday's Musings

Monday's Musings


And so, another successful Fundraiser has been put to bed!  Attendance, fun, new relationships built, a few tall tales shared, and $ raised via the generosity of those in attendance. Several of our sponsors were in attendance. Today, we give a few shout-outs of significance.

Firstly, we honour Lindy Van Alstine.  Lindy has been involved with CW, specifically the organisation of our Dinner Fundraiser for yonks of years. Lindy beats the bushes for Auction items and creatively compiles tempting bids. Her most pleasant style makes her requests almost impossible to refuse.  She motivates her committee colleagues by example. Thanks, Lindy. ‘onya!

Also, to Al Moss at ArtBox, we offer our thanks. His work was manifested around the room and in the evening’s program - a very professional display of information. His donation of two beautiful prints for auction was a bonus contribution to the evening. Al’s weekly contribution of the home game programs (without charge), and probably the finest in the League, is another example of his support. Al is an amazing guy, supporter, and owner of a professional business. ‘onya, Al.

On this day when we had watched two CW Mini ‘graduates’, Jack Carson and Lockie Kratz, perform very well at the LA Sevens in a closely contested match against the South African Blitzbokkies, we were treated on this evening by having another ‘graduate’, Sophie de Goede, saying an enlightening few words. Sophie articulately and concisely synthesized her rugby journey from Windsor Park in 2003 (at about age four), to her University days at Queens and earlier this year, Captaining Canada Women’s XV at the RWC in New Zealand. Sophie is on the verge of re-joining Saracens Women in London and another professional contract. Sophie referred to the Monty Heald Fund, which is a strong support source for women’s rugby in Canada.  Her story culminated with auctioneer, Ken, selling off a signed jersey and poster for a healthy and generous amount. Drop into the Penny Farthing to catch this coup. Thank you, Sophie.

Stalwart CW guy, Brent Johnston had a clanger dropped on him when Director of Rugby, Ken, recognised all the work Brent has done for CW over the years, proffering the honour of Life Membership and a significant gift for a trip to Vancouver with Helijet, dinner at La Quercia and an overnight stay for Brent, and his wife, Colleen. It is an absolute rarity for something to occur around CW without his knowledge, so the surprise factor was also part of the gift. ‘onya, Johno and thanks to you and Colleen.