Monday's Musings

Monday's Musings

Maddy Kicks Off Push For The Line


CW would like to thank ALL of those who contributed to our recent On-Line Auction Fundraiser, the first of two MAJOR fundraising events in lieu of our former Annual Dinner.  There were those who donated the 40 – 50 items – THANK YOU.  Then there were those 198 bidders who made some 500 competitive bids – THANK YOU.  Those successful bidders certainly gained some good deals!


 Our second event has two weeks remaining – our 50/50 Pot.  Currently, the pot sits at $5,000+.  Let’s get this pot up there!


         (Attribution to Pot Of Gold Vectors by Vecteezy">Vecteezy)

CW's Online 50/50 Raffle - Winner Takes Half!

Deadline: Midnight, Friday, May 27, 2022
Draw: Saturday, May 28, 2022, at 2:00 p.m.

Click here to GET TICKETS

Thank you! Your ticket purchase directly supports the whole CW Rugby community - Minis, Juniors & Seniors (Provincial Men’s & Women’s Finalists, 2022.)

We conclude with another note of THANKS to all those patrons who have made significant donations to view Home games this season.  ‘The Gate’ is also an important chunk of our funding.  A shout out to that Wily Wanderer, Peter Kilshaw, for his stellar work.   


We posted on Friday that the Toulouse 7’s was to take place this weekend.  We were on week ahead of ourselves!

With a minor apology to UBC TV.  This pundit watched some of the Saturday Exhibition at SLS, along with some other 134.  The little I saw had two good tries however, generally, the play seemed disjointed, as is often the case with Select team matches.  We refer our followers to BCRN site for details.  Pixilation and constant buffering tested the patience of this viewer who did not stay the course.

Final note today is for all of those teammates and friends of the late Jason Chikites, please note that there is to be Memories Night for Chiks held at The Temple on July, 9th. Book it, details will follow.