Men Face a One-Man Wrecking Crew!

Men Face a One-Man Wrecking Crew!

How could it be any different when you kick your restarts directly, 5/7 times, giving time to spare for a player to be just that?  However, the writer will get to that.  I commence today’s match reports with, it being the Sabbath, “hallelujah” to the club’s Premier Women, defeating Caps, 20 – 10.  Down 5 – 10 at the half, they produced fifteen unanswered points in the second frame @ Klahanie.  No doubt, Francesca will have more details for our readers.  This result leaves the women trailing Caps by one point with a game in hand.  The roadie to Seattle next weekend should clinch third place.  Well done, ladies.  Meanwhile, undefeated, League leaders UBC, gave Westshore their first loss, with a close 26 – 22 home win.


Whilst writing, it has been brought to my attention that many CW ladies are actively ‘giving back’ with their involvement on the coaching front.  A shout out and super effort to; Madea Solberg - Lansdowne - grade 7 & 8 boys; Jamie Rikley-Kringle - Lansdowne- grade 7 & 8 boys; Kelsey McKinnon - Lambrick Highschool girls, Reynolds Highschool boys, Tide U-14 girls; Renee Cook - Lambrick High school girls; Madee Berry - Parkland boys & girls; Chanelle Edwards-Challenger - U18 Tide girls, BC U17 Summer games – girls, Colquitz Middle school- boys and girls; Gwynnie Fry - SMU Middle school- girls; Lucy Beauchemin- Reynolds High school- girls; Caitie McNally- Tide U-18 Women; Emily Samek- Tide U-16 girls; Morgan Warner - Tide U -14 girls, SMU Jr & Sr girls; Chloe Hill-Huse - SMU Jr & Sr girls.


On the male side of things, two losses to report.  Twenty points were scored by the Divvies against the second team in the League, against a lot, in a fair effort.  CW was short-staffed, finishing with Hohert propping and Mager needing to be taken off for some “rest” time in case of having to sub in Prems.  Hopefully, the core has enjoyed the season sufficiently to return en masse, motivated to work harder and do better. One would say well done in this one.


The Premier Men faced a Takoda McMullin wrecking ball.  The men witnessed and were unable to stop a similar event when facing Ravens’ Aaron McLelland, just two week’s past. (Ed. Ravens posted another mammoth sixty points against Burnaby on Saturday).  On this day, CW was their own worst enemy with errors, ineffective tactics, poor decisions, a speed deficit and an incredible one-week reversal of tackling prowess.  To the Bird’s credit, they followed UVic’s tackling example against CW, counter-attacked at pace and with support for deep lines to rattle a more ponderous, methodical CW pattern which had hopes for success.


Excellent conditions, did include a breeze advantage which was utilized in a superior fashion by the hosts. They were also buoyed by a good home crowd of students and parents giving them a strong incentive.  I recall watching a BC Final a couple of years back with a graduate from my coaching days at UVic and UBC and he was super high on the UBC winger that day when he came on as a rookie sub, Takoda Mc Mullin, and those dastardly Birds did the same number on CW on that day.  Yesterday, he was ably supported by # 10, Jacob Bourne.  The day did not start well for CW, with Takoda scoring from an alert counterattack, crossing untouched and converting at four minutes.  He was aided by two missed tackles which was to become a pattern on the afternoon.  CW tried the kicking game, as a disruption, to no avail.  However, they did find themselves knocking on the door, but solid defense repelled the effort, and it was McMullin with a 40m clearance.  CW returned following a good break from Nott and some continuity, only to knock on and when yet another long clearance produced a glaring CW indecision, the five-meter scrum went UBC’s way.  Three recycles later saw a second UBC score from opportunism, and a 12 – 0 lead at 22 minutes.  Five minutes later it was another McMullin boomer which saw an unforced knock-on by CW.  From a scrappy scrum, advantage CW, UBC managed quick #1 channel ball go short side to who but?  Takoda drew the defense and fed the speedy Andrews who crossed for 19 – 0 at 27 minutes.  From the re-start (successful “short” ball), CW re-gained however their recycles were thwarted.  Eventually, with pressure maintained, they earned a penalty, and the efforts were finally rewarded with either an Eason or Bossi try, 19 – 7.


I noted at this stage it was a more ponderous plan by CW and whenever ball went to the threequarters, matters were shaky.  This, verses a high octane, high risk, quick transfer attack, moving the ball away from the breakdown that was bringing UBC rewards.  It was yet again from another chaotic breakdown that McMullin, down the blindside, chucked a huge dummy, gave a ‘Burgess side-step’ and produced a 26 – 7 lead, for his brace and five minutes to “lemons”.  It was all UBC and only scampering stuff from CW that avoided more scoring. [ Akin to my golf game, I almost gave up on a fractured downstream at this stage.]


Where there’s life, there’s hope!  With the breeze, sun and ‘slope’ in their favor, CW finally showed some vigor in trying to make a game of it.  Using their forwards physical advantage, there was five minutes of constant pounding before Nott finally showed ‘clean heels' wide and fed Smith, 26 – 12.  The streaming link crashed again and returned with Wallace, deservedly, willing his way over at fourteen minutes, astonishingly, 26 – 19 with CW having the decided territorial advantage.  Fatt was on, and Ng made good ground.  From the penalty and resultant lineout, 4/5 recycles saw Pyke over at the midway point and a 26 – 26 tie!  UBC’s patience came to the fore.  Had they watched the UVic game film?  To the rescue, McMullin with an opportune counter to winger Marshall who “flicked off” three attempted tackles for his brace and 33 – 26 lead.  Play became scrappy as ascendancy was sought.  It was UBC stolen ball that saw a quick feed to the one-man highlight reel, a chip and regather and then the feed to #9 Webb, who jubilantly dived over, 40 – 26.  The pace slowed but Carson, Pyke, Wallace, and Pilgrim almost got away.  CW suffered the indignity of a penalty for a tip tackle and from the lineout, brother Talon McMullin, broke and drew the defense, passing to a fresh sub, Patterson, for 45 – 26.  Kratz, mercifully had the last word, 45 – 31 and UBC into the playoffs.  The report finishes with a shout out to a good performance from referee, High, and thanks to his AR's.


UBC’s pace, commitment to counterattack and defensive work made them by far the deserving winners.  Head and shoulders, M-o-M Takoda McMullin.  Jared Andrews and Jacob Bourne had tidy games, with Andrew’s speed a worrisome threat.  In the pack, Caden Wilson, Relmu Wilson and Hilyard Carson had commendable performances.


To my CW men, I only calls ‘em as I sees ‘em and there was not much to shout about.  With the effort and work needed to tie the game, one would have thought it might have been maintained but unfortunately, it wasn’t.  I give Wallace and Pyke kudos, but apart from flashes from Nott and hard work from Bossi, a full match from him and Kratz, and the odd flash of enterprise from Pilgrim, there was not much to crow about.  Having now seen probably what was the best the Birds can offer, the gauntlet has been thrown down for when these two teams meet again next Saturday at the House of Windsor in the playoffs.  We will see if such fireworks can be snuffed and if anything was learned by The Tricolor.