Goliath Schools David

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Goliath Schools David

The above analogy is somewhat emblematic of Thursday night’s contest between Westshore and CW however, on this occasion, David did not have enough ammo!  It was a case of the good big player getting the upper hand over the good little player, under the lights and in the showers on a chilly Thursday evening.  The current B.C. Premiers, Westshore Valhallians, threw down the gauntlet to the upstart, CW Tricolours.  Westhills, a much bigger team, played to their strengths with constant recycling, although they did add expansion to this “down the middle” attack.

On the night, it was all Westshore, with a clinic on ball retention and power forward play.  The “heart” displayed by CW was to their huge credit but the energy expired in tackling big unit after big unit took its toll.  On the odd occasion when the ball was turned over or came their way, the energy was not there to outflank a well prepared defensive pattern from the home team.  In fact, instead of moving the ball wide, players often cut back into the teeth of the defense or the team’s normally, excellent skills went awry under the intense pressure, the type of which has not been experienced by Ceedub.  CW were hammered on the penalty count as they were constantly caught infringing on the defensive line, hoping to scythe opponents before a head of steam was attained.

I would summarise my comments by saying it was a comprehensive attack with excellent handling skills under testing conditions, with the final margin being a fair reflection.  A seventeen point differential being the same margin as the last time these two sides met.

To the play by play.  There is not much to say in the details.  CW put first points on the board just three minutes in when Galbraith crossed, receiving quick ball and taking the gap.  From here on the score went; 7 – 5; 7 – 12; 10 – 12 (following a Westshore card); 10 – 15 (at the half).

Westshore opened the second stanza, scoring from the kickoff after 10/12 recycles, 10 – 22.  At the twenty minute mark, Westshore backed themselves on a tap penalty, grinding 25 meters to score under the posts and this visibly broke The Visitor’s backs, 10 – 27. CW mustered steam for an attack, got close, only to turn the ball over but a blocked clearing kick was some reward with about 12 minutes remaining, 15 – 27.  Westshore responded from the kickoff for their sixth and final try, 15 – 32. 

This pundit does not know players well enough to highlight individual achievements but Westshore’s #5, 8 and 10 were outstanding and hon mention to a tight five that was almost unstoppable. CW still remain on top although the teams have “bunched” and Westshore are within reach with a game in hand.  It appears that there are some critical matches ahead – e.g. a visit by Westshore to the House of Windsor and a chance for Seattle to scrape into the playoffs when they visit Westshore. 

The Westshore juggernaut looked very good last night and even though plenty would have been learned by CW, it still might require some sprinkles from Tinkerbell to upset their pathway. For CW, Jess Nielsen and Gabby Senft rose ever so slightly above a group of ladies who played their hearts out.  Finally, to the M-i-M, Andrew Foster (offspring of the more renown, Festus) – a great job. It was a wicked night, weather-wise but a good crowd was assembled, predominantly Velox supporters but it was great to see a solid attendance of CW senior men – good stuff, guys. This was a real “welcome to The Bigs” and the forthcoming hard yards.  CW has heaps of talent and heart and will have to create their own breaks as they jockey for playoff spots.  Go, Ceedub!

p.s. John D. – better than Fight Night!