Tricolors Answer The Call - Rain & Reign

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News of the Tricolors day at the picturesque Stanley Park has trickled all the way to the glorious Island of Kauai!!  Well, "picturesque" it was not but the chaps got the job done.  'onyas all!  Great to see The Ones finally get Comp points on the board and without knowing the Prems combination, the fact that they came from behind under gritty weather conditions and an opposition that seems to be for real, is good news.


So, it's back to McDonald for Battle of The Bays next Saturday.  Ceedub has dropped a pair to James Bay earlier in the season, so the challenge will be tough.  We'll get more news to our readers later in the week.  In the interim, hats of to our Sevens dudes for another quality performance in Kiwiland and Canada's women are doing great in the Circuit in Atlanta.  P.S. A Runner Up finish to the Silver Ferns, putting our Women in third place overall.


DON'T FORGET THE DINNER - special guest appearance.