Monday's Musings

“We Are the Champions”

Three teams representing the club at the BC Finals left Victoria early yesterday morning to test themselves against the best of the mainland. Can the reader imagine fifteen-year-old boys having to drag themselves out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to ride for two hours to play a 10:30 a.m. kickoff game against an undefeated opposition? So, it was. To boot, Bayside had only allowed 38 points scored against them in six games.  Certainly, a formidable task.

Unfortunately, inclement weather had forced a venue change for the day’s matches from turf to the all-weather field at Thunderbird Stadium. CW started well for an early 5 – 7 scoreline but that was to be “all she wrote”, as they found themselves down 5 – 19 at the interval.  With two major injuries, the Tricolors hung on well to only concede one more tally for a 5 – 26 final score. It was an impressive Bayside team. Our congratulations to ‘Robo’ and his lads and to our boys – a job well done against a tough, well-drilled opposition.

The writer is certain that there were lessons learned for CW from this one, not the least being we must find a way for some cross-strait exhibition games during the season! To our coaches and parents – THANK YOU.

Game #2. 
In this one, it was CW who was the “tough opposition”! Our Under 18 Girls were up by 17 – 0 at the half on some strong forward play, setting up some skilled interpassing for exciting tryline finishes. An equal number of seventeen points were added in the second stanza before Abby was determined not to be kept off the score sheet with a late try for the 34 – 5 victory.  This was the culmination of a season of hard work and growth. To our coaches, great stuff.  To our ladies well done for your sense of commitment, and an afterthought to Comox for your tough match last week in preparation for what was to come. To our parents, “it takes a village to raise a child” – ‘onyas

The day’s final game was well worth the wait! CW U18 Boys were to face a Ravens amalgem whose season had seen little opposition with wins of 49 -3; 59 -10; 50 – 0; 50 – 0; 32 – 0; and 47 – 7, for an undefeated campaign.  Just so the reader gets the picture! The Ravens went up 14 – 0 but CW clawed back for a 7 – 14 deficit at the half. It was 19 – 7 early in the second stanza, yet again, the boys fought back.  At 14 – 19, they knocked on the door for fifteen final minutes but unfortunately, could not kick it down. Our congratulations to UBCOB. From a couple of firsthand viewers “epic” was the description and “fortunate” and “brave”, other adjectives.  The overt visible facial signs from the victors at the final whistle evidently told the tale, a memorable match for our lads.  Again, to the coaching staff and parents – THANK YOU.

                                       ONE CLUB

                                                                              Custodian For a Day

                                                                    THE MIGHTY ISLES

Johnny Humphries, as full back for the day, surveys the outcome. This match was a catch-up, obligation. After forfeiting an early scheduled contest, the boys eventually mustered sufficient for the fray.  Heard tell, it was a ‘roadie’ for the ages with absolute total enjoyment for young and OLD alike.  Great to have this match get off, as CW has developed a good bond with our Comox brothers and sisters.

                                                                CANADIAN SEVENS ACTION

The Sevens Circus/it kicked off in Dubai.  The Women finished in fourth place dropping a heart-breaking 19 – 21 decision to runners-up, New Zealand at the end. A good result and hats off, you good things.

The men finished without a “W” in a precarious twelfth place to start the season. Morra, Kratz and Carson had tries over the weekend but despite close games against NZ and GB, XV’s nemesis, Spain, was again their undoing in the final match.


Sophie and Sarries Remain Undefeated.

  Flicking around the rugby globe, I note Saracens walloped their London rivals, Quins, last weekend to remain undefeated atop the table. Canadians featured strongly with Paige Farries scoring her first Sarries tally and Sophie very visible at flanker this week.  It made me dig back to see how the Rugby World assessed the female stars for the Year 2023.  I was gob smacked not to see the name of Sophie de Goede mentioned in any category! Girl, your time will come. And on that note, Season’s Greeting to all our readers.


(P.s. Enjoy the read, M.S.!)