CW U14 Girls 2022 - Kamloops 7s


We are planning to see if we can attend the Kamloops 7's tournament. The dates are drive to Kamloops October 7, play October 8 & 9, late ferry home October 9. We are in the process of making arrangements to take as many teams as we can, but we require your help with the planning. 1- We need you to update your attendance interest in Team Snap ASAP. Choices are Yes, No or Maybe. Maybe is absolutely a reasonable response, we will treat no response as a NO. 2- We will work with the club to keep the costs down as best we can. In 2019 (the last time the tournament ran pre-Covid) the cost was $300/player but the club has indicated they will contribute some funds towards this year’s cost.For budgeting approximately $300-$400 - and this is definitely only approximate until we can get attendance numbers. Availability must be upd