Senior Men

Regional Round #4 Men's Premier & 1st Div. Vs JBAA

McDonald Park Victoria

CW on the revenge for two losses on Opening Day and hopes to put the Gerwing Shield back at The Temple.

League Round #1 Men's Premier & 1st Div. Vs Meralomas RFC

Connaught Park, Vancouver

Major Roadie Vs an old foe to be treated with respect.

Men's 3rd Div. Vs Surrey RFC

Windsor Park, Victoria.

A first visit from Surrey for a long, long time.

League Round #2 Men's Premier & 1st Div. Vs Vancouver Rowinig Club

Windsor Park, Victoria.

League Round #3. Men's Premier & 1st Div. Vs Old Boys Ravens

Jericho Field, Vancouver

Yet another trip away to what looks like the class of the League.  Despite this CW nearly always rises to the challenge against Bournie's Boys.  Go you good Tricolours!

Men's 3rd Div. Vs Scribes RFC


Three teams on the road - big bucks but worth it.  Muster the troops!

League Round #4. Senior Men's Premier and 1st Div. Vs Burnaby Lake RFC

Windsor Park, Victoria.

An old respected nemisis.  The Lakers come back to The House after a  two-year spell.  Burnaby will be seeking to show their former strength after a lean one last season.