You Be The Judge

You Be The Judge

Has rugby become “over-officiated”?  In days of yore it could be said that if a player “made as few errors as the ref”, he was doing okay.  Then came the AR, miked to the ref; then the TMO and now, the Citing Commissioners, to reduce officiating errors to virtually nil, so much so, that even the game referee’s report and comments are “inadmissible” at any hearing for citings.  So, how many referees does it take to referee a rugby game?


This head grab by England’s Tom Wood was let off with a mere warning, Australia’s, David Pocock was let off with a warning for a pretty obvious, punishable infraction.  Samoa’s Tuilagi got five weeks for what might be deemed “aggressive running” when he seemed to raise a knee into a tackler.  Scotland’s Ross Ford and Jonny Gray have been cited for three weeks for a “tip tackle” (below), conveniently being absented by Australian Commissioner Newman, for Scotland’s upcoming quarter final against the Wallabies.  These incidents lead to the showing below of Canada’s Nick Blevins, cited for five weeks for a “neck roll”.  (Difficulties with video however it can be viewed at link at end of blog.)


It is difficult for this writer to view all of these incidents objectively, particularly, the partisan viewing of Blevin’s infraction. The Citing Commissioners did go through a very intensive program related to their observations and findings, their review of footage was extensive and intensive and there is a very clear discipline protocol in place. Given all this credit, the process still seems to be flawed. If this is to continue there needs to be far greater consistency. Probably it would be physically impossible to have the same person do all the citings as both judicial and team citings can be made but there has to be a way to make the process more consistent. Finally, to Blevins, I believe you were “stiffed”, mate. Past and current International players are speaking out in numbers about the unsatisfactory nature of what has occurred.

We leave you with the following link to review outcomes and incidents;

CW’s U18’s Go Undefeated

A weary bunch of warriors return home!  A tip of The Ruggernut’s cap to CW’s U18’s, Spenny, Roger and Tami and parents, for your outstanding Tour results in the U.K.  The boys won their third and final match against Wallington Grammar, 24 – 3.  To go 3 – 0 in the U.K. is no mean feat.  Such success has been years in the making and we congratulate all who have been part of a ten year journey.  We look forward to watching the boys play in the U18 league this season and just maybe, adding a banner to the row of junior successes the club has had over the past decade.  Finally, thanks to Kevin for keeping us updated with the team’s travels and games.  ‘onyas, all!


Jebb Meets M'Lady

Canada’s Jebb Sinclair greets the Queen along with team mate, Pritch. No doubt Elizabeth Regina was not aware that this right hand had also greeted the Shark’s, Jean Deysel, some seasons back!! ‘onya, Jebb!

Cross Becomes a Bona Fide International

CW’s Caroline Crossley has been announced as selected to the NSWT’s Sevens team for the NSW Midcoast Sevens event. This tournament has become a showcase for Australian and New Zealand Women’s Development teams and the Canadian Maple Leafs went 6 – 0 last year to win the event. Caroline has been part of the CW club since U10 mini rugby. Joining CW as a mini after she excelled in mini school jamborees, and since then has had had a rapid rise in the game. She played for many BC representative teams (U16 Nationals, and BC U18 Vegas 7s). It was at the National U16 tournament in 2013 that she was noticed by the NSWT 7’s coach, John Tait. After his recommendation, she attended Canadian Sport School starting in Grade 10 and is now in her final year with the CSS.

Caroline has represented Canada at the U20 level in 2014 and in this past year, she has been carded and centralized as part of NSWT 7’s program and has been part of their Maple Leaf development program. During the year, she has played for the Maple Leafs in Vegas 7s, Hong Kong and Amsterdam invitational tournaments. In September, she captained Canada 7s team at the U18 level at the Youth Commonwealth Games in Samoa, leading the team to a silver medal performance. Caroline will be playing with the likes of Harvey, Kish, Marchuk, Moleschi, Kaljuvee and Russell in the NSW tournament. Heady company. 'onya, Caroline!