World Cup BIGGIE!

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World Cup BIGGIE!

(Pic Credit, AFP)

This one goes tomorrow when Ireland (World #1) VS Republic of South Africa (RWC #1), kicks off at noon.  And what a shoot-out it should be! We bring you the latest re viewing.  Vic Pubs assure CW that they will have the game despite it being shown on TSN +, requiring an app, should you be desirous of viewing at home, A diabolical ploy by TSN. We know there is at least one table booked at The Penny but it is a busy site at Saturday lunch, and you may be more comfortable viewing with the myriad of screens at The Bard.  Whatever - don't miss it.

FOOTNOTE - The scheduled CW Divvies VS Nanaimo game gas been postponed.  More news following.