Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

Wednesday's Ruck & Maul


Hats off to CW men who represented in a number of matches last weekend. The newborn, Vancouver Highlanders, opened their cause with a brace of wins. Their "A" team, featuring Jacob Bossi as a starter and Oliie Nott as an impact player, defeated Canada 'Selects' with Spencer Cotie from the bench, 44 - 33. The Highlanders "Reserves", with Tom Davidson at #4 and Sion Griffiths at #12, defeated Barbados 44 - 12. Reports give "not a bad crowd" at Burnaby Lake for the match. So, a good start for Curry, his coaching team and the lads.

As displayed on our feature, this Saturday Canada NSMT take on a solid selection of Scotsman.  We will have the video available at The Temple k.o. 2:00 p.m.  The precursor takes place at noon when the always entertaining, French, play Argentina with tube steaks on the barbie! Record the round ball and enjoy the oval ball with your mates. Canada's selection will come including a number who have worn the Tricolors, and we wish them well. In the FRF, DJ Sears is still plying his trade with the San Diego Legion, Kyle Bailiie, originally from PEI, thence to CW, Westshore, and currently New England Freejacks, and Matt Klimchuk who came as a Junior from Saskatchewan for two seasons at CW, before a distinguished Pride career, put their names forward amongst the pack.  Josiah 'Mercury' Morra is amongst potential backs selection. On "stand by" are Grady Bowd, Rob Povey and Isaac Olsen.  There is much that could be said pre-match but we'll leave it to the players to write the script. Fie thee on down to take it in.

A recent blog gave the story of a most successful Minis Two-Day Tour to the mainland.  A compilation of photos has come our way and today we wish to share the link with our readers - ENJOY.  Click HERE.