Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

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Wednesday's Ruck & Maul


This night last week saw a midweek Think Tank take place, offering thoughts regarding the future of Discovery Sports Club, our rugby club’s adorned, never to be replicated and shared, ‘Spiritual Home’. The physical configuration centers around its iconic bar, compliments of the late, Paul ‘Final Authority’ Baylis, its piano, donated International jerseys from around the world, Honour Boards for the club's International Men & Women, dart board, and tv area. It is the home of Castaways soccer and CW rugby.

Attendees at the meeting included the current Presidents of CW Rugby, Castaways Soccer, and the DSC Board.  Others present were four past Presidents of CW Rugby, two Founding Father Presidents of Castaways Rugby Club, the first President of the amalgamated CW Rugby Club, a few members of the S o S Committee and a couple of interested club members.  The reasons for assembling were mostly financial but also included structural, geographical, legal, and operational.  The group was made fully aware of the changing face of the physical environment surrounding DSC, licensing laws and societal mores.  A structural engineer present made known the current shortcomings and potential further faltering, given the massive presence of heavy machinery for the next eight years of construction. Conversation and evidence regarding the current problematic situation was made clear, ideas and suggestions recorded and a summary opinion of save or sell, by everyone, was given to the Chair.

This information will be collated and presented to the SoS Committee and the DSC Board by March 15th, as time draws nigh for annual city taxes and line of credit payments. The DSC Board will then inform Soccer & Rugby Clubs of the decision for any final input.  One sensed the emotional, internal battles between heart and head as those assembled grappled with the bottom line. We will keep our followers appraised of unfolding events.

A real gut check made one realize how thankful for, and to a measure, taken-for-granted, The Temple has become. It made one envious of clubs like Caps, Meralomas, Ravens, Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Cowichan, and James Bay, clubs which not only own not only their clubhouse but also have it proximal to their home ground. Then there is the example of Bayside (pictured), who for years hosted post-game festivities in a ‘garage’, away from their field until eventually patience, good stewardship, and hard work via the Rugby Canada Foundation and a “Clubhouse Campaign” saw their dream come true. So, who knows what window of opportunity might open for rugby and soccer?

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Over 30 Women's Castaways Soccer Team cordially invites you to attend a book launch event on Friday, March 1st, from 7 pm to 10 pm at the Discovery Sports Club. Our very own Jill Payne has recently published her first book, "Be a Dime", which is based on her years of experience in training individuals and organizations in energy management. This book will help you learn how to live a life that reflects the highest expression of yourself, from the inside out.

Join us to get your signed copy of the book, enjoy some drinks, and celebrate this amazing author and club member (and an absolute 10 out of 10). Proceeds from the books sold at the event go directly to author. The admission fee is $20, which includes one drink and appetizers. Castaways members and public welcome. We hope to see you there!