Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

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Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

The roots of the present are deep in the past!  Assistant Coach, Captain Ken,  2009.

(Yonks ago, at least it seems like it, in times when a decade is as a day or a day, as a decade!)

Unfortunately, the wind makes hearing complex in the early stages of the tape, listen closely to Fuli's response to a question asking him about his goals!  Perhaps "making the Prems" was definitely a long way from Dream Team selection in London, 2017.  'onya, Mikey!

Shay and Sipi finish the job against Velox.


Caviar comes from the virgin sturgeon.
2.  When Lady Jane became a tart.
3.  The Skipper's wife was Mabel.
4.  He'd put it in, I'd put it in, we'd both put it in together.
5.  Gonorrhea, goitre and gout.
6.  Inverness.
7.  The joys of fornication.
8.  It's the poor wot gets the blame.
9.   Mother sells synthetic gin.
10.   An unnnatural assault on the Sphinx.