Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

Wednesday's Ruck & Maul


The countenance of a happy man!

The Don, Raymondo and Ruggernut share a post-game laugh.

Ray undergoes knee surgery this week and we wish him luck for a successful operation and speedy recovery.

CW travels to Klahanie with three senior teams this Saturday. There will be room on the bus for supporters, providing you can make it for the 7:00 a.m. ferry. You can meet Klash there and travel on the bus from the ferry to the North Shore with our Premier Women. Please contact 250 721 1527 if it is your intent to go.

Our women will be in tough against a team they are tied with and who inflicted a ten point loss at home last Saturday.  CW has games left vs Cowichan (A) and Westshore (H).  To make the playoffs will require considerable skill and a measure of fortune!  Both teams will be minus their NSWT members, a group which came away with an impressive win yesterday in their test match vs U.S., 39 – 5, CW’s Paquin notching a tally.  This Premier game will be a tough encounter from go to whoa and one well worthwhile watching.  Best of luck, ladies.

The men will arrive in time to cheer the women along and The Ones will play a team below them in the standings and a team which they will need to defeat to stay in the playoff race.  If they can reduce the number of unforced errors from last week, victory should be within their reach.

The Prems, sitting atop the table, will be keen to show old rivals and nemesis, Caps, this is no lucky matter.  Caps, like CW in past seasons are undergoing a tough trot and their game with JBAA last week, reportedly by viewers, a bit of a slugfest, in which veteran Glenn McKinnon received a red card, will no doubt leave them in a frustrated state of mind.  There will be changes – Barkwill for one and we will bring the lineup to readers later in the week.  If The Tricolour can be patient again, tackle like the demons we have seen in recent weeks and run their systems, like The Ones, the result should not be in doubt.  Caps at home are never a sure thing, so nothing can be taken for granted in either match.  Go, you good things.

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Deemed "high" this season!