Wednesday's Ruck and Maul

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A Fantasy Figuration

RWC 2023 – A fantasy of the future.

(Top 16 finishers from 2019) Four Pools organised as follows;

      POOL A                                POOL B                                   POOL C                              POOL D
#1 & 8 ranked.                     #2 & 7 ranked.                       #3 & 6 ranked.                    #4 & 5 ranked.

The remaining teams #9 – 16 from 2019 drawn to respective POOLS randomly. If there are any ties from the rankings #1 – 8 2019 RWC, separated by point’s differential.



#17 – 20 from 2019 and #25 – 32 from world rankings two year’s out ** (1921) and added to POOLS in a similar fashion as above;


       POOL A                              POOL B                                  POOL C                                POOL D
#17 & 24 ranked.               #18 & 23 ranked.                  #19 and 22 ranked.                #20 & 21 ranked.

Moving ahead to 2027, the bottom four from TIER I be relegated and the top four from TIER II be promoted with rankings pertaining to their order of finish.

Crazy? Perhaps not so much. This would bring a measure of far greater parity; a shorter competition; different countries, venues and supporters for the two events; potential of greater financial spinoff; incentive for countries to improve; encouragement of growth; significant relegation and promotion to provide real interest (four teams!), not just one or two.

** “Two year’s out” should provide ample preparation time for the lesser seeded countries, without an exorbitant cost factor. Even Japan only had their players together for 240 days straight for this one!!


Just to follow up on cards issued (36) at RWC for “high tackles”, as epitomised by the photo (or of similar ilk), it is rather difficult for the officials to catch them all!  That's right, Chris?