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The name Derwen is a Welsh one. If ever an individual was given an appropriate name it was Derwen since the name means OAK TREE. And as was his name, he was solid, dependable and rooted in the most worthy of family and community values on and off the field.

His playing days saw him pull on the jerseys of Oak Bay Wanderers, The Crimson Tide (both as player and manager,) and H.M.S. Glamorgan, the Royal Navy Ship that first brought him to Victoria. His later playing days were given to The Ebb Tide, making a significant contribution  to that club on and off the field.

There was nothing he liked more than bringing people together in order to have a good time. We all remember his leading us up “Sunshine Mountain” on many occasions in a variety of different hostelries!!!!!

He was the consummate organizer, bringing together a wide of range of rugby related groups for a variety of different reasons. From  Rugby World Cups in Wales and Australia for the Ebb Tide, to the evening entertainment on a river cruise up the Danube and numerous private and club celebrations Derwen was in his element. 

Derwen and his wife Jan, ran the BBQ pit at the Oak Bay Tea Party for many, many years prior to their moving to Campbell River.

Nobody worked harder on the field than Derwen and by the same token nobody worked harder off the field than he did. Therein lies his legacy and a lesson for the generations who come after him. He will be sorely missed by many.


R.I.P. good man.

(Thanks to Mel Jones for these notes.)