Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

The Future Awaits The Train

A great day for rugby saw The Park gradually fill with fans, much to the delight of ‘Bogie’ whose task it was to pass the hat amongst the students!!  The proceedings commenced with a packed deck of 23 ‘Islanders Rolling Subs’, minus The Don, conspicuous by his absence, face a committed Saxons, keen on revenge for an earlier loss to our CW boys.  At the end of the day, revenge had been achieved.  CW came from a long way back to close it to 20 – 26, a bonus point loss.  It was well officiated, the boys having the service of Julia Zussman with the whistle.  Daumer has his troops enthused, including such notables as Poulton Sr, joining in action for the day with his son in Divvies.  Well done, all.  In the words of your Captain, “We needed one more re-start!”


Speaking of Poulton, it was Liam who opened the scoring for The Ones, just five minutes in, when he scored a good winger’s try in the corner.  The two teams tested each other for 25 minutes before the next score. Brandon Gerhardt picked up from a splintered UVic scrum, shunted backwards at knots, 12 – 0. 


The second stanza saw a CW scoring parade which began when #9, Cullen took a pass from Gerhardt at the ten-minute mark, 19 – 0.  Ollie Winser provided some slight of hand and supported by strong efforts from Horan and Ilnicki, the train rolled along.  A wide “miss” pass from Winser, found ‘Suds’ on debut, 24 – 0.  Nice to see Matt Sutherland back in the fold with competition a-plenty should he want to fight for a former spot that he often held with the Premier group.  Makaroff was bundled out in the corner and ‘Queen’ Gerhardt was over for his brace from the subsequent lineout, 29 – 0.  UVic did get a turn, when #13, Gibson, who had a very energetic day, with the assistance of three missed tackles, juked and swerved from 50m to spoil the bagel.  CW made the Norse look good for a brief period with some defensive breakdowns, 29 – 14.  CW’s Elliott was the recipient of a very clever flick pass, against the flow.  He had plenty to do but showed clean heels over fifty metres and a twenty-point differential, 34 – 14, with Gerhardt bagging fourteen points.


Lots to like about this effort.  Horan, Ilnicki and Gerhardt, old hands, showing the way.  Cullen was the pick of the backs with noted contributions from Winser, Scheck and Poulton.  A thanks to referee, Neish and those who conscientiously ran touch.





The main game opened with CW’s Captain Chiz setting the pace with first touch, four crisp passes later from Schelly, Sandner and Herron and Adibe was over in the corner.  This try covered over half the field on CW’s first touch.  UVic responded quickly and #9, Gamage started the burst, then wide ball, a break, and clever offload from Carson for Gamage to back up and scoot 30m for a deserving reward, 5 – 5 at twenty minutes.  From the k.o. UVic’s #2, Yue raised a ruckus with a bruising burst, pin-balling off three tacklers to the roar of his partisan crowd.  It was much ado about nothing as was Schelly’s ‘unopposed’ field goal after the whistle!  Herron was noticeable for his work rate and nose for the ball.  Then came “Champagne” when Finnie went hard after an “inside delay” from Bowd, the ball being popped up to Pilgrim who crossed at 35m. Half-time CW 12 – UV 5.




The second half started with a seemingly harmless break but when the ball went to Sponarski, the ante was raised and Pyke was the recipient of a nice “inside” pass to score under the sticks, 19 – 5.  CW kept the pressure on with field position from some favourable penalties and quality lineout control.  It was Finnie again with a crunching tackle on a man in blue for the ball to pop up into Bowd’s hands and a 26 – 5 score.  If Pilgrim was “Champagne’, next to come was “Courvoisier”!  Nine recycles for hard yards and then quick ball to Bowd with the cheekiest of ‘chips’ for James, on debut, to take on the fly, 31 – 5.


From an annihilated UVic set scrum the ball was somehow scrambled, and a gap was found for The Visitors and from this “desperate” continuity, Captain Robinson with a good finish, crossed the line.  Robinson was not done.  From the ensuing kick-off, he broke again and offloaded to an alert support and Carson (#22?), grabbed the ball from the recycle – two minutes, ten points, 38 – 15!  CW re-focussed and with five minutes left, Herron crossed for his brace and 45 – 15 score line.


For the students, #9, Gamage and Robinson, in the centers were the pick of the backs and Newhook and Carson were tireless, giving of their all in the forwards.  Akin to The Divvies, there was much to like from today.  Schelly was awarded the Hard Hat.  I thought Herron was special.  Best of all, the Hard Men amongst the forwards were just that!  Bowd bagged fifteen points on his return.  Pilgrim was very alert.  This player is proving to be a real “find”.  Adibe was impeccably faultless. Thanks to referee, Pedrick, and the AR’s.  The Shield stays at The Temple.


Next Saturday, The Train rolls to MacDonald Park whilst the women host their inaugural Alumni Day at Windsor.