Thus Endeth the Drought

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Thus Endeth the Drought

Glasgow’s, Fraser Lyle, circa 2012/13

Well, it will be a happy group of bandits wending their way across the Atlantic today, nursing bumps and bruises but travelling first class, compliments RWC!  Although this writer did not get a download, with the original plan by RC going awry when the game venue changed, the reports read favorably.  From the FRF to fullback, things sounded much improved.  A trio of tries from Cudmore, Evans and fittingly, DTH at the end, constituted the 19 – 12 victory.  I have read about backs, Hearn, Braid, Evans and Mack, all looking to be much better settled, with Mack’s wizardry responsible for tally #2 and Hassler threw in an amazing try-saving tackle.  Yak evidently played a blinder and Captain Cudmore made his presence felt.  Winning ways against Georgia and Fiji being a distinct possibility, would be a continued salve for a sobering summer!  Go, Canada, go, you good things!

Pictured, Glasgow’s starting center yesterday, Fraser Lyle.  Fraser potted a winning droppie for CW vs Bays in 2012.  He also started for Scotland 7’s Vs Canada at London in the last of the circuit’s tourneys.