The Wait's All Over

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The Wait's All Over

The RWC team was posted yesterday with a stats breakdown by Province, we’ll take a look at posting by positions.  17 forwards, 14 backs, a pretty well-balanced collection.  CW commiserates with a most unlucky, Tay Paris, injured last weekend, probably opening the door for an, arguably lucky, Jamie McKenzie.  McKenzie and Thorpe saw little action in recent Internationals and impressed less in this pundit’s opinion.  The remainder are deserved representatives although, it would have been good to have had an opportunity to have seen certain combinations have a trot together.  There is still Glasgow, Georgia and Fiji, which could round out some good lead-up results.


It looks like seven definite front rowers, DJ Sears getting a deserved look for the future, a pattern of most countries who have announced squads, with Carpenter as a possible eight.  The rest of the pack has four locks and five loosies, led by Captain Ardron, for a total of 17 with plenty of versatility.  As for the backs, there are three #9’s, perhaps an indicator of some indecision still at this stage, with McKenzie having some versatility; Hirayama has Underwood as an understudy at #10 along with four centers and five back three, Phil McKenzie forming a brother duo and Jones and Evans have flexibility in the custodian’s spot.


As mentioned no real surprises, given availability.  Given all healthy, it would be fun to pick a starting XV!  For CW fans – 2011 – ten Past & Present players on the squad; 2015 = 9 for some silly trivia.  To the team and management, our club wishes you every success.  We know you’ll play your heart out and certainly, you deserve a break or two.  All Canada is behind you; “inhale the future, exhale the past!”