Super Sunday

Doug Fraser on the fly for B.C.


The B.C. Bears (Men), travel to Calgary to play the Atlantic Rock tomorrow. B.C. has added CW’s Dustin Dobravsky and Riley Di Nardo to the team that had a comprehensive opening victory over the Wolf Pack. ‘The Magician’ Ngongo will be missing on U20 Rep duties. DD and Riley will be joining Fraser and Polson and we wish B.C. the best of luck as they pursue something that might be special for them this season.

Big news of course is the Canada NSWT playing game #2 at the RWC Vs Wales. CW’s Julia Zussman comes into the side at full back, as the single change to the opening line-up. Zuss will be earning her 40th Cap and she will join her Skipper, Kelly who wins Cap #50 tomorrow. Wales are ranked #10 and should provide a much sterner challenge to the Canadian ladies. These teams met in a previous RWC, in 1994 when the Welsh won 11 – 5. The cheers will be loud and proud at The Temple for the ladies in red, particularly, Paquers, Zuss, Olivier and Britt from the pines. We remind you that this is the last chance call out if you wish to join the throng for breakfast. You need to purchase your ticket before-hand, admission by ticket only, available HERE. Go, Canada.

More Good News Featuring CW Players

We take this opportunity to wish a large contingent of Age Grade players who will be representing B.C. at the National Age Grade Championships in Calgary next week, all the very best. We are VERY proud of the achievements of these players and congratulate their coaches and thank their parents for their support with a program that is financially challenging for families. Good luck to you all and your team mates, play well – hard and fair and go, B.C.

U17 Boys – Tom Abercrombie, Nick Carson, Max Freud, Conor Hills, and Lachie Kratz.

U17 Girls – Payton Cochrane and Kelsey White.

U16 Boys ‘A’ Coach – Shane Muldrew

U16 Girls – Chloe Hill-Huse and Amelia Gordon.

U15 Boys – Max Abercrombie and Josh Mao.

CW Enters in Cannon Memorial Touch Tourney

Is that really, Kyle Armstrong, posing as usual!  Nice pin, Kyle, how does a CW jersey feel again??