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World Rugby Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Certification Course

Location: Langford, BC
Date: January 25, 2015
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Cost: $90

Pre-registration is required. Deadline to Register January 20, 2015.
A minimum number of registrants is required.
Facilitators: Conan Cooper and Andy Evans

The Level 1 course expands on the physical conditioning content in the IRB Rugby Ready course. The topics addressed seek to enhance the coach’s knowledge and understanding of Strength and Conditioning for the Rugby player. In particular, the course will introduce the coach to the Long Term Player Development Pathway in a practical manner. A simple yet informative Functional Screen will be outlined. The coach will then be introduced to the concept and practice of ‘Anatomical Adaptation’, or preparing the player to be fit to train, practice, and play. This approach to physical conditioning emphasizes a combination of stability, mobility, and strength training activities while simultaneously engaging in Rugby-related activities.

The coach will study the physical demands of the game as well as the principles of training. These will allow the coach to integrate physical conditioning into a more game-related conditioning process. Practical guidelines for conducting the warm-up and cool-down will be discussed and described. Principles of the important component of speed development will be discussed. Practical examples of speed, multi-sprint/activity conditioning, and conditioned games will be outlined.

Candidates should have completed Standard First Aid and a course on Concussion Management, and must provide evidence of having completed the following:

• IRB RugbyReady self-check test – do the test online at
• IRB Strength & Conditioning Online Course – do the test online at

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