Path to the Playoffs

Path to the Playoffs

Loopy Celebrates the Hardware!

CW’s path to the playoffs received a speed bump these past few days with the public announcement by Rugby Canada and personal note to affected clubs that it has selected a group of Centralized Players, solely dedicated to winning the repecharge and inclusion in RWC 2019 in Japan.

We quote; “The purpose of this email is to inform you that the Rugby Canada Centralized Program players will not be available to the clubs for the rest of this season.  This has been agreed with our high performance staff and centralized players.

The world has changed for us due to our new process for qualification for RWC2019.  So now our main priority is qualification in November and our short term focus is preparation for our June tests.  In order for our players to be ready to compete on the International stage in these windows they will need to have a proper pre-season where they can make physical gains in order to be stronger and fitter and therefore able to compete against our international opponents.  From now until the end of the BC Rugby Club Season they will be training 5-6 days per week at a very high intensity and high load.  Playing club rugby each weekend makes it very difficult for them to make these necessary physical gains.  

We apologize for the last minute notification in this case.”

This will affect CW with the big loss of Captain Fraser, ‘Ice’ Povey and Dusty Dobravsky.  We are very happy for these men and proud of their recognition and connection with our club, wishing them well for the path ahead.  So, it is obvious that Kingsley Jones has a plan for what he deems necessary for Canada’s success.  One can agree with its merit or not but the coach is obviously “hands on” and there is a plan in place and as supporters of RC, perhaps not much more could be asked for.

Questions of player compensation, many of whom will probably quit jobs; local players who are contracted to MLR clubs and overseas contracted players whose clubs would not accept an edict for “their” players NOT playing, remain unanswered.  At the local level, once again, Scott will be asking much from our group.  Guys have had to “step up” all season to get to where the club currently sits on the table, so the demands will not be new.  Much dedication will be required to get to the semis and Finals.  Go, Ceedub.