Monday's Musings

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Monday's Musings

CDI Crunches At the Top

After last weekend, the CDI Premiership delineated clearly between the top five and the bottom three with The Birds leading the way. Most unfortunately, for the Tricolours after their visit to Jericho on Saturday and subsequent 17 – 18 loss, they find themselves ten points in arrears in the cellar, after earning their first bonus point and so endeth the first half of the season.

Panga opened the scoring for CW off a driving maul. The visitors then took a yellow card for an intentional knock on and the Ravens capitalized to close to 7 – 5. This was soon followed by what was debatably the best try of the season for the Tricolors when Panga sliced open the defense and the trailing Horton timed his burst perfectly and received the SBW offload for a thirty meter run to the line, 14 – 5 to CW. So ended the first stanza.

Ravens inched to 10 – 14 but then received a yellow for a high tackle and Horton obliged to open the gap to seven, 17 – 10. Old Boys then probed up field and earned lineout which they won, peeled and scored wide, 15 – 17, a real “nail-biter”! In the last five minutes, CW transgressed with hands in the ruck and the hosts took their first lead, 18 – 17. The game ended with a five meter scrum and CW tails up however the whistle blew “no side”. Thanks to Ravens for a good contest and their always enjoyable, post-game hosting. Thanks to the officials. Next up, UVic in the VIRU Barnard Cup Final at Wallace next Saturday.

On another front, the NSMT took another one on the chin in Romania over the weekend, losing their fifth, 9 – 18, against only one win over the fall tests. There were no tries scored in the match and we read again where we were over-sized and over-matched in the forwards. This must be a very real concern for the powers that be, as no matter what the technique, you need the brawn. We only have a limited number of eggs and it will be interesting to see if we emphasize the sevens or fifteens basket in upcoming days. Perhaps, to an only slightly lesser extent, there must be concerns by Head Honcho, BCRU CEO, Jim Dixon about the Premier League. Indeed, trying days for Canadian Rugby.


Keith Morrison explaining a POV.  Another Memory. .....Yonks ago, when I was coaching the Vikes, I was bemoaning a certain referee’s performance when Keith Morrison happened to overhear my complaints. Keith said; “Macca, the day when the players make as few mistakes as the referee, we will have good rugby!” This has been an adopted mantra of mine for these many, intervening years. What a unique perspective – let’s look at our own shortcomings rather than blaming others! Like it or not, Keith seldom could be faulted for any error with laws, their interpretation and implementation.

He achieved the acme of his art with over ten years of International refereeing, starting in 1982 with USA and England and closing out in 1993 with the same two countries. In the interim, he officiated in matches with Ireland, Japan, his “native” All Blacks, RWC qualifiers and as a touchie in the 1991 RWC.

After his active days as “man in the middle”, he gave back, attending countless games to mentor those who followed – a true rugby man. I often enjoyed his perspective and our discussions, standing alongside him on the “balcony” at Windsor in recent years. My sincere condolences to Sheenagh and Callum, may he rest in peace, although I suspect he would be one of the first to answer when they pass the whistle for The Game They Play in Heaven!

Respectfully, The Ruggernut.


To our U18’s who finished third out of eleven teams in the B.C. League. The lads played Capilano #2 at Klahanie after their close loss in the semis to Caps #1 last weekend (21 – 34). Caps I and CW had clearly the best points stats at the end of the season. In the third placing match CW defeated Caps II, 36 – 5. Caps I defeated Abby 27 – 14 for the crown.

Coach Robinson notes; “The CW U.18 team were on the road again this past Sunday on a quest for the coveted Bronze medal of the Provincial Cup competition. The entire squad of 30 players travelled to do battle with arch rivals Capilano. The coaches selected a side with one eye to the future, as well as celebrating those who would graduate from CW junior rugby at the end of this game.

The result was a convincing 36-5 victory, played with the style, adventure and accuracy this team consistently strove to achieve throughout this successful season. 30 happy players + 3 proud coaches + 1 tired manager = an adventure worth taking! Congrats to all who made this season so enjoyable and our appreciation once again to a supportive parent group and club.” ‘onyas, U18’s!