High Hopes Bear Fruit

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High Hopes Bear Fruit


A solid contingent arrived at the Port after a serious round of quiz questions, courtesy, Finnie. It did not take long for the Visitors to hit their straps with Quin Horton drawing first blood very early. A brace from the FRF occurred when prop, Cam Smith followed suite for an early 12 – 0 lead. Dan Griffiths was next to cross before a serious effort from the Home team curbed the tide and the half ended at 17 – 5 to The Tricolors.

The second stanza commenced, same as the first with Makaroff, revelling in his return, reacting quickly to a penalty and short tap and 22 – 5 lead. Isaac Olsen then ran a sharp line and Alistair Howes finished and it was one way traffic, 29 – 5. The Black Sheep then stiffened and crossed for their second tally, 29 – 12. As prognosticated, Devillers ‘showed up’ with a big jink and crossing for his maiden with Ceedub, 36 – 12. With the bench emptying and foot off the gas, Port clambered their way back and it was shortly, 36 – 26, as always, the Baa-baas, not giving in! Another prophetic fulfilment saw newbie, Coward off the pines, widening matters, 43 – 26. CW looked disinterested as Port ended the day’s proceedings, 43 – 31, seven tries to five.

Thanks to today's, M-i-M and to the Port for their customary, great hospitality.  'onyas, all.

[Today’s synthesis comes, compliments of; Studs on the Sideline as The Sage was unable to tour.  Our thanks to 'The Stud'!  An "insider" mentioned the rookies sing-songs on the way home were hilarious.]

Late-breaking - CW's Premier Women had an equally successful outing at Comox, bringing home the bacon with a 49 - 29 W.  Hats off and thanks to Maddy Graham with a hat-trick in her last game with Ceedub.  All the best as you head off to Uni at Oregon.