Hail The President!

Hail The President!

CWRFC is pleased to announce the appointment of Karl Klashinsky to the Presidency as a result of our recent AGM. As described in;  https://cwrugby.com/blogs/post/wednesdays-ruck-maul1675226275, Klash has been a man for all seasons and brings a wealth of Club and Provincial experience and knowledge to this position. We congratulate and thank him, wishing him well in his term of office. At the same time, we thank those who stood for Board positions. CW offers outgoing President, Brian Huse, our collective 'thanks' for a job well done.


It is with disappointment that CW has to forfeit to Kamloops RFC for tomorrow's scheduled playoff match.  It has come about as a result of a multiplicity of barriers.  In a final effort to make it happen, a dispensation to seek a neutral venue did not come to fruition. We wish Kamloops every success in the final.

(The BCRU needs to address the complexities of scheduling if is to continue with its current position on Province-wide inclusivity of clubs, rather than regional playoffs and a central "Grand Final". Ruggernut)