Grizz Open Their Account - 40 - 18.

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CW thanks Mark Bryant of BCRN for posting this to UTube.


Plaudits to all players on the pitch tonight for a positive effort to play both constructive and entertaining rugby.  This comment is not to negate the intensity of the defensive effort witnessed on Friday but tonight's Bears built their phases, tried to make the ball do the work to beat the man and supported differently than Friday.  The two games really cannot be compared.


After a 26-5 lead at the half, B.C. was caught unawares by a real application form The Rock in the second stanza and squeaked out a mere 14-13 superiority.  Three early penalties in the match gave B.C. a 9-0 lead and they notched their first tally at twenty minutes after Kleeberger pinched lineout ball, a Dolesau goose-step and Ferguson fill from #15.  At 25 minutes and another Kay instigation, Meeres was the recipient for a 23-5 lead.  Worthy of mention at the half - Kay, Kleeberger, Dolesau, Meeres, Ferguson, Chalmers, De Goede and Morris.  From a CW viewpoint, Fat Johnny was very strong at #9 but perhaps, short of a trot - 'onya, Jonny!


Dixon subbed liberally at the half and henceforth.  It was a rollicking start by The Rock, somewhat taking B.C. aback and despite one breakout from Kay, Coughlin crossed for The Rock at eight minutes.  They were rewarded again, soon after, with a penalty for a score of 13-26.  The scoring then went 33-13; 33-18; 40-18, final.  Dolesau's exclamation point from yet another Kay break was absolute magic.


A good job from ref, Sherry Trumbull.  Pat Kay was money with an almost flawless performance (there was the odd grubber that went awry).  This viewer was particularly impressed with his defence.  Kleeberger was very good in forty minutes, demonstrating his "nose for the ball", just like old times.  Dolesau, Meeres and Ferguson were good value, showing moves at great pace, adding a sleight of hand and off-loading with good timing.  Off the bench, Campbell and Racino kept things going.


For The Rock, I thought Baillie worked hard.  Frank Walsh, Kevin Parfrey, who played at least three positions, #15 Andrew Jamieson and #13 Rob Wilson all looked good.


Finally, today was not a "one of" as Ontario tackled and beat the Prairie Wolfpack, 53-23 on their way home, so "double-headers" were the order of a convenient long weekend.  It is a hint of player abuse, expecting them back up like this but the point has been made.  The CRC is turning out to be a good competition and B.C. have remaining games away against The Wolfpack and The Blues.  There is plenty to build on after today, for the remainder fo the campaign.  Next outing, I'm backing The Grizz.  Well done, guys!