Game Day

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Game Day


Did a little delving after the fact and reckon this postscript blog is a credit to players who have learned how to play together as a club team but wear their loyalty to their schools in their hearts – the epitome that is the very essence of this great game of ours.

SMUS fielded – Aiden Cole, Myles Duncan, Dante Morandin, Josh Kahn, Carson Smith, with Jonas Robinson and John Cook playing in the curtain-raiser, injured was Noah Pryce-Baff.

Oak Bay Bays fielded – Carter White, Brayden Tate, Liam Saad-Roy, Jonah Hall, Gavin Kratz, Trevor Smith, Callum Masterton, Brandon Schellenberger, Christopher Carson, Ru Beal, Jacob Neufeld, Julian Oldham with Ben O’Flynn, Will Tarrant, Adrian Rupke, Sol Elkin, Sasha Lanine and Josh Mitchell playing in the curtain-raiser, injured was Connor King.

A total of 27 CW club guys. The re-match promises to be equally as exciting. We’ll try to keep you posted before the fact next time.


Game Postscript: It seems as though Buydens is still confined to barracks by the powers that be – one wonders just what the magnitude of his transgression was? Off to TBird Stadium…..Braddock and the Blue Collars!