CW Vs Meraloma First Division Game Report

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Saturday, April 20, 2013 CWRFC vs Meraloma RFC.


Division One:

Dry fields; sunny with cloudy periods; limited wind.

This match was to be another amazing chapter in the story of the CW season of bizarre injuries and playing rules that saw Canada VII’s captain Nanyak Dala start on the side of the Div One pack. Is he just not good enough to crack the Prems lineup or is this just wrongheaded circumstance? Whatever – 1.00pm. Game on. Connaught Park has a “MacDonald Park-like” slope and CW was playing downhill in the first half but despite the apoplectic shouts from super sub/coach Robinson on the sidelines, the boot rarely slotted the ball to the deep corner. Lomas drew first blood with a tally too wide for their kicker to convert. 5-0 home team. Not long after, the rejuvenated Sam Powell on a tear, did a final shimmy and spin and dotted down. Convert missed 5-5. Game on. The back row of Dala, Powell and Crawford were solid in attack and defence and not long after a good Mesa break and second effort led to the next score Welshie converting – CW 12 Lomas 5. The only other score CW was to get on the day was #15 Josh securing a fine try which was converted by Welshie. Then the knocks started to take their toll. First Nanyak(ankle sprain), then Sam Powell(rearranged nose) and then Mike Crawford(shoulder). The whole starting back row off. Yes, that was Noah Molia in at hooker for most of the second half – and looking pretty good too. In the end, though heroic efforts were visible, injuries, penalties and some poor decision making combined with a brace of tallies for CW turned Loma, Mac Poole shifted the score to 32 – 19. Many individual moments of heroism – Molia for inspiration and doing whatever it takes and saving Roger Robinson from making a front row debut!