Club President Message on Fighting Racism and Hate

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Club President Message on Fighting Racism and Hate

CW Rugby membership requirements: Must be human, that is all.

I don’t often post comments on my personal page related to any of my formal roles but those that know me best know how much I love my rugby club:

Given the times, I feel it is important for our club to face this difficult issue head on and I thank those that have started the conversation.




As Club President I just wanted to comment on the overwhelming stance against racism and discrimination we are seeing around the world.

Whether it’s a strong stance via social media or other public forum or by quietly practising and living a life without prejudice - we all have a leadership role in calling out racism and discrimination.

As a club we have zero tolerance for hate of any form. We support and embrace all members and all humans. A member’s skin colour, religious beliefs or who they choose to love have zero bearing on their standing in the club - we are all EQUAL.

I can personally say that the recent events, especially the senseless killing of George Floyd, has had a profound impact on my family and I.

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to participate in many sports, especially track & field, football and rugby, which exposed me to people from all over the world from different cultures, religions and sexual orientations.

When we compete with our teammates we have one goal - to win. We share that goal and we succeed or fail, together. We are equal on the pitch and accountable only for our commitment to each other - perhaps the world needs more of that simple perspective right now?

(Josiah Morra speaks at gathering.)  For all of us as CW members there can be no judgment beyond that simple expectation that we will give it our all for each other on the pitch and we carry that principle off the pitch as well.

I know this is who CW is and it’s why I’m proud to be part of this organization.

I personally pledge to call out racism and discrimination in any form when I see it and stand up for those who can’t for themselves. I further pledge to say less and listen more to other voices moving forward with an aim to learn and grow personally for the betterment of all society - especially those with less privilege because of the systematic racism and discrimination they face.

I thank those of you who have raised the issue and all of you for being who you are!

There is no question in my mind that our diversity and our compassion for one another makes us stronger.

Together as one - go, CEEDUBB!

Matt Gordon
President, CW Rugby

Please note that our Participation code has been amended to reflect the sentiments outllined in this letter from our President:  CW Participation Code

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