Canadian Women Hurdle Spain In Opener

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Canadian Women Hurdle Spain In Opener


After a shaky start, the women got untracked, led by a hat trick of first half tallies from speedy, Magoli Harvey.  The interval score had Canada up 24 - 0, with the promise of more to come. After what must have been a "perplexing" second forty, the final score read 31 - 7, a 7 - 7 second half "tie", with Spain having by far the better of the late-going action.  It is to be hoped this was not an opportunity lost, as the format of this tournament is; match points, followed by total points scored and finally, point differentials in determining placings for the Playoff Round. 

A number of the women got through a tremendous amount, led by Harvey's 26 points, Blackwell and the loosies, led by Captain Russell were the next MVP's.  Not to be overly critical, without being too familiar with the women's game, my old mate, Duke, could not been too happy with the scrummaging, flankers pushing from odd angles or not at all and props "standing up" against a very big Spanish pack.  For sure these will need to be cured with England upcoming in pool play.  The halves combination lacked chemistry, with slow service and not very good angles.  The conditions looked to be energy-sapping and Canada did disrupt at the breakdown and unluckily, spilled some ball that would have resulted in points.  Canada's runners were considerably more threatening in the first half.

We will watch this tournament with great interest and THANKS to TSN, sponsors, Under Armour, Sleemans, Bell and DHI for bringing us the games live.  Hopefully rugby fans across the country will tune in to support the game and the women's efforts in moving up from sixth place at the last RWC.  Go, you beauties, go Canada!