A Painful Canadian Implosion

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A Painful Canadian Implosion

No doubt, all readers of this blog would have watched the Canada/Romania match and have their own opinion regarding the outcome, maybe even being able to propose reasons for it. The writer will leave it at that as the clichés and comments will be many.

It is only fair to mention noted efforts. DTH deservedly has become just the second player to score a try in all four Pool games - a world class player. As predicted at this site, the wings would be money if they could get the ball and despite some early rust, Hassler confirmed his value with a super effort for his try. As for the rest of the backs, Hearn was outstanding, both ways and Jones did not harm his reputation. To the forwards, Barkwill and Beukeboom must be credited for eighty minutes of ‘on the edge’, relatively error-free action and Carpenter erased some aspersions I had made pre-game, to end with a good campaign. Others toiled hard but marred their efforts with poor judgement. There were heroes aplenty at the half but the second stanza when the boom needed to be lowered, saw the plot seriously unravel.

I agree with comments from Captain Cudmore referring to the fact that “we can play at this level but need more games” and also with the Coach about “just how much learning can there be, this was a game we should have won” but perhaps the most accurate was one overheard in our house; “maybe they need a World Cup for Tier II teams.” This was not offered in any derogatory sense, rather as a reality check. The big question remains.....where to from here? Special thanks to the whole party for good efforts, many moments of pride and some entertaining rugby.  It has been a great fest with Canadian support in droves in the UK and plenty of bonding at home. It will be fascinating to see how the business end of the Tournament unfolds.