Senior Men

CWRFC runs two Senior Mens teams in the Vancouver Island and B.C.R.U. Championships. The Premier Reserves play for the Ceili’s Cup and The Premiers play for the CDI Cup, which was last won by CW in 2010.  CW is nearly always near the top of this hotly contested competition, debatably, the best domestic league in the country.  At the “turn of the century”, CW held the prize for a hat trick of wins, 2000 – 2003.

Reserve Division serves as an important source of player growth and improvement and hopefully, a pathway to the Premier team. As long as the club is playing in the B.C. Premier League both teams travel to away games together.  All players in the club spend some time training together, so there is opportunity for younger or less experienced players to learn from some very good and experienced players. The club also fields a First Division team, a place where young players or those who cannot commit to the requirements of the higher grades can have fun playing rugby.

At the last Rugby World Cup in the U.K., CW had eleven players on the National team who currently or in the past, had played with the club.  We have had a host of players represent Canada in XV’s dating back to 1905.  We have sixty five players on our club Internationals Board.  In recent years we have had a number of players represent Canada in VII’s as well.  We have a coaching team, second to none, most of whom have National certification or PhD.'s from The School of Hard Knocks!, headed by Scott Manning, supported Nanyak Dala. Roger Robinson and Doug Hepp will coach the Reserves. Former Club Captain, Riley Ilnicki will have Noah Molia join him to handle The First. Our club pays attention to all aspects of life for its players – fitness and skill development, jobs and housing.  Not always can we provide the answer but the support is invaluable.  Playing rugby at CW is a positive experience.

Premier Champs, 2010.


 First Division, Ceili's Cup Winners.


Senior Men