CW Women - Royals Hockey - Women in Sport

1925 Blanshard Street Victoria, BC V8T 4J2

Location: Save on Foods Arena - Save on Foods Memorial arena Royals Hockey night - Women in Sport Players/coaches/managers, wehave been offered an opportunity to be involved in a theme night at a Royals Hockey game on Friday, March 3. It is a great opportunity to showcase Women in Sport and showcase female rugby in Victoria. We will begetting numbers to the Royals organizer, Grant Masackeiwich, so pleaserespond to the TeamSnap event as to whether you can attend. The pricepoint is very attractive and we will be able to get tickets for more athletes than listed in Grant's e-mail. I have extended this offer to theCW girls teams and Grant has reached out to the Rugby Canada NSW7s andNSW15s teams. Please respond to the TeamSnap event with availability. This will be a great team building event and an opportunity to showca