CW Men Islanders (H) Vs UVic Saxons

Windsor Park

CW Men Reserves and Prems (H) Vs Capilanos

Windsor Park

Unfortunately, a clash with Canada Vs Uruguay in Vcr.  Today will be the expected return of Finnemore having served a three month hiatus from the pitch for a seemingly nondescript, retaliatory punch back on the day.  Was that his sentence - no but that...

CW Men Reserves & Prems @ James Bay

McDonald Park

CW Men Reserves & Prems @ Meralomas RFC

Connaught Park

CW Men Islanders (H) Vs Westshore RFC

Windsor Park

CW Men Reserves & Prems (H) Vs Burnaby RFC

Windsor Park

CW Men Islanders @ Westshore

Juan de Fuca Park

CW Men Reserves & Prems @ Westshore RFC

Juan de Fuca Park

Full house at Juan de Fuca today - women and three men's matches.  Go, CW!


BC Place

CW Men Reserves & Prems @ Nanaimo Hornets RFC

May Bennett Park

Hopefully a bus for supporters to watch the boys in this historic, first 'away' encounter in Premier play.  The Hornets are proving to be no chopped liver at home and have taken a couple of scalps and caused some major scares to others in their inaugural season...